Book Review: Friended

cover-friendedTitle: Friended: A Nostalgia Songfic [Modern Love 1]

Author: Kilby Blades

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

Rating: 3 Stars



Compared to life on tour with her wannabe rock star mother, finishing high school in Rye is a snooze. At least Roxy has her best friend, Zoë, her dad, and her music. When her standoffish Civics class partner, Jag Monroe, breaks ranks and randomly friends her on Instagram, Roxy swiftly declines.

Jag is Roxy’s total opposite: stinking rich, conceited, and hot in that obvious kind of way. Roxy’s sure that his repeated friend requests must be a joke. Then Zoë does the unthinkable: snatches Roxy’s phone, accepts Jag’s latest friend request, and follows him back.

As the posts (and sparks) fly, Roxy begins to suspect that Jag may not be as shallow as everyone thinks, and that he may be into more than just her music.


There are some aspects of Friended by Kilby Blades that I really liked – particularly in the first half of the book. The romance between Jagger and Roxy was adorably sweet and awkward. I liked their friends, the characterization of the main couple, and the overall way the story was written. Everything was going great.

At least for a while.

Unfortunately, the last half of this story really fell apart for me. The “fight” and “breakup” of the couple was so stupid and shallow that it made everything they did as a consequence seem overblown. Jagger was too perfect. His actions, too stalkerish. I just wasn’t feeling the romance anymore. Was it a bad book? no. It was okay. I really liked the beginning, but I feel like it didn’t follow through well. The plot was rather disappointing.