Book Review: Actually, The Comma Goes Here

cover-actually the comma goes hereTitle: Actually, The Comma Goes Here: A Practical Guide To Punctuation

Author: Lucy Cripps

Genre: Non-Fiction

Rating: 4 Stars



No one’s ever said that learning punctuation is fun—until now. Actually, The Comma Goes Here takes a light-hearted yet highly informative approach to ensuring you never misplace a comma again.

Whether it’s semicolons or exclamation points, this primer has you covered with chapters that dive deep into the correct use for each and every piece of punctuation. You’ll find plenty of fun (and funny) examples of proper writing while also learning how punctuation has changed throughout history!


Actually, the Comma Goes Here by Lucy Cripps is a good basic starter book on punctuation for anyone who’s looking to understand the topic a little better. It has helpful information, and easily identified sections to make looking up information a breeze. I docked it one star for this review because it was slightly more verbose than I think was necessary, which sometimes made it hard to follow, and it really only goes through the basics – so if you’re looking to get in-depth about punctuation, there are probably better finds out there – but if you’re looking for a quick reference, basic information to remind yourself with, or just a clear introduction to the topic, this is a great little book.