Book Review: Samantha

review-cover-samanthaTitle: Samantha [Barrett 2]

Author: Andrea Kane

Genre: Historical, Romance

Rating: 5 Stars



A spin-off from Kane’s novel My Heart’s Desire, Samantha is a spellbinding tale set in early 19th-century England about a young lady whose romantic fancies are about to come true, once she learns she can trust the man of her dreams. This bestselling author has thrilled her rapidly growing audience with Echoes in the Mist, Masque of Betrayal, Dream Castle, and other novels.


After reading the first two books in the Barrett family saga, I can honestly say that I’m a huge fan of Andrea Kane’s writing, and more importantly, her heroines.

Samantha was a spunky, headstrong young woman who didn’t allow society (or her family) dictate how she lived her life. As one of the characters said, she is a tempest. I absolutely adored her as the main character

Likewise, the brooding hero, Remington, was a notorious rake, but also a highly devoted man who fought for his country at the expense of his reputation. Together, the two main characters pursued each other throughout the story like a passionate dance.

The story was funny, filled with endearing moments, and passionate encounters. I loved every moment of it! The writing was clear, easy to read, and lacked any obvious technical errors.

If you enjoy historical romances filled with colorful characters, you’ll be sure to love this!