To Arms! A Pledge Against Writer’s Block



This will probably get a few rants; it certainly did when I introduced the mirroring “art block” on DeviantART as a sham, but I’ll be blunt:

I don’t believe in Writer’s Block.

In fact, I choose not to believe in it. Writer’s Block is a phrase that I believe is thrown around too often. It’s an excuse for a writer’s inability to write, and it’s a convenient lie in a world where we’ll do anything to avoid seeing things for what they are.

In my humble opinion, Writer’s Block is what people say instead of: Laziness, Procrastination, Lack of Motivation, and Lack of Inspiration. Don’t feel like writing today? Writer’s Block! Tired? Writer’s Block! I rather be watching Game of Thrones… Writer’s Block!

I have chosen to remove Writer’s Block from my vocabulary. It doesn’t exist. There are days when I’m too lazy, too busy, and too tired to write, but I will not call it Writer’s Block. I call it like it is.

Today, I rather check my messages on WordPress, DeviantART, Tumblr and YouTube than write. I would rather go outside and hang laundry on my clothesline. I would rather do dishes, or watch a movie. I am tired, have had a cold that I’m still recovering from, and no, I don’t plan to write today. I don’t have Writer’s Block. I have Writer’s LIFE.

There’s a million and one articles all over the net for “curing Writer’s Block”, but how can you cure something that doesn’t exist?. I’m going to go against the grain and suggest that instead of throwing out an all-encompassing excuse for our inability to write, we acknowledge it for what is, and cure THAT.

Tired? Take a nap. Lack of inspiration? Go find some art, movie, or another book to read for awhile. Maybe you’ll get an idea. Lack of motivation? Take a day off, do something else. Clean your computer desk and open a window. Clean work spaces and fresh air lead to creativity. Procrastinating? Get your butt in gear! Do you really want to be sitting here a year for now without any progress? Books don’t write themselves.

Today I am making an open declaration of war on Writer’s Block. I will no longer believe in this mythological demon that insults my intelligence and pollutes my workspace. From this day forward I pledge to call my inability to write exactly what is. No more excuses.