Free Fiction Friday #6

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s Friday again, and that means it’s Free Fiction Friday time! EXCEPT…. today we’re going to do something different. This is the last Friday before summer here in El Paso, TX, and in celebration of the upcoming summer (where I don’t have to walk to the local elementary school in 103 F weather), we’re going to be looking through a bit of NON-FICTION today. Today I have for you some 100% FREE writing/publishing related books. These are all 4+ Stars rated on amazon, so grab them while you can. Maybe you’ll learn something new this summer. I not only hope everyone has a great summer, but that you get your writing goals accomplished too! Goodluck you guys! ❤



Burned Out

Ugh. What a week. So  last week.. was it last week? or maybe the week before.. I can’t even tell anymore… Anyways–I spent 3 weeks working on my last commission and by the end of it I was so burned out on art that I ended up turning down my next two commissions in favor of some much needed down-time and some editing.

Well, the down-time went well. I played Minecraft, The Last Story, watched season after season of Fringe, even dabbled with a few indie games. I mowed my lawn, I made cookies, I washed dishes and laundry…

…and I got about 5 pages of my novel, Tale of the Kihmera, edited.

I suck.

So it brought me to a question this morning: Does anyone else out there in the short list of my followers edit or write more than one novel at a time?

I feel right now that it may be the only way I’m productive at all. I’ve always been the type of writer who works on a chapter here or there of various stories as the mood strikes me. Sometimes I can push through it (like for NaNoWriMo) and get a bunch done on one story in a very condensed space of time, but most of the time, I work in bits and pieces to avoid feeling “stuck” on any particular story. Sometimes my brain just freezes up and the only way to get past the frustration is to move on to another project for awhile. Unfortunately, that sounds a bit like procrastination, but it seems to help.

At the present moment I have 9 novels sitting in my “writing folder”. Four of those are nearly finished with the first draft, and 2 are on the second draft, waiting to be cleaned up. Sometimes I stare at that folder and think: “does anyone else ever write like this?” Maybe it’s just that I have trouble sticking to one project… maybe I just can’t contain my enthusiasm for new ideas and feel like I need to work on them before the idea leaves my head… .and maybe I’m just being non-committal about my projects. I don’t know.

Anyone else feeling a little scatterbrained with their projects lately? Lord knows I could use some words of wisdom right now.