In The Mail #3


I had a feeling a book was coming in the mail today – I don’t know how, but I just knew, and after checking my mailbox about 5 times before 11 AM, FINALLY, my mailman dropped off a lovely manilla bubble-wrapped package from the lovely Angela Brown of Publishness & PartnersInParanormYA. Inside was the much-anticipated Katana by Cole Gibson that I won in Angela’s Blog Hop Giveaway awhile back. I can’t wait to add it to my reading list! Come on, who doesn’t love books about girl ninjas? It’s epic!

On a side note: The book smells very pretty. Must have spent some time somewhere that smells nice – I can only assume that place was Angela’s bookshelf. Okay this just got weird. Moving on.

Won More Books!


I just had to share my glee – since I haven’t finished a book in DAYS. I just won two more books on goodreads (that’ll make 8 books via Goodreads, 1 from a blog hop, and 3 given to me by authors directly) *thumbs up* Now what was I saying about drop karma?

Anyways, I won The Boyfriend by Thomas Perry (one of 25 copies), and Blood & Beauty: The Borgias by Sarah Dunant (one of 100 copies). I’m excited!


Another Day, Another Book

It has been a long day, and I can’t even tell you why. Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up, and you just can’t seem to… I guess, “be present”. It’s like you spend the entire day half-asleep, get absolutely nothing done, and by the end you’re still exhausted and wondering how on Earth it got to be such a long day? Well that’s what my day was like.

I did manage, however, to start reading a new book this morning that I LOVE. It’s got pirates. I promise I’ll do a review soon (maybe tomorrow?) I’m 60 something percent in and I can’t seem to stop reading. Just what I needed to get out of my book slump from the last few days!

In other news, I  won ANOTHER free book from Goodreads this morning! It’s: The Goddess Inheritance [Goddess Test #3] by Aimee Carter. I was one out of 10 people to receive an ARC out of 1,770 people. I can’t wait to get these new books in the mail in a few weeks!

For those of you baffled by my ability to win two free books in just a handful of days, let me say this:

A) I have awesome drop karma. What is drop karma? For those of you who play computer games, you know that sometimes in games certain items are rarer than others, and these rare items are usually heavily sought-after by the players in the game because of how hard they are to obtain. Well, in one particular game I used to play there was one item that dropped off only one type of monster and it dropped at a rate of .001%. That is incredibly rare. I’d known people to actively search out this item for 8 months straight and not get it.

One day, I decided I wanted that item too. So I went to where the monsters spawned, and I killed one. I got the item the very first monster I killed. I laughed about it to my friends and killed another monster. The second monster dropped the item too. Since that moment my friends and I used to brag that I had “awesome drop karma” because we noticed a pattern that no matter what game I played, for some unknown reason I seemed to be extremely lucky in getting particularly rare drops. It happened constantly – much to the dismay of my friends.

I now carry that phrase over into my real life, as I tend to have the same karma. I am an extremely lucky person, particularly in relation to contests. (I swear I’m not making this up). A few years ago I won one of the very first PSP’s in an online contest.. all I did was show up online. Then, when PSP Vita’s came out, I won another one in a completely unrelated contest. I have since won 3 books giveaways on Goodreads in the past few months, two of those just a day apart. *shrugs* what can I say other than “I have good drop karma.”

B) I’m also very stubborn and entered like… 300 something book giveaways – but we’ll pretend it’s the drop karma.

P.S. You know what I really hate when it comes to e-books? Crappy covers. I’ve been looking for some new e-books to download lately and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve run across book covers where the art is a couple of CG models rather than actual artwork or a photo. Plain text would look better. I can’t explain it, but CG human models look so fake and tacky on a book cover. The only thing worse (although maybe I prefer these over the CG models) are those god-awful photo-manipulations that look like someone let a 2 year old into Photoshop with a sharp pair of scissors and some paste. How hard is it to go to a place like DeviantART and hire an artist for $20-$50 to paint you a cover, or find some free stock images to use? I know the artists and photographs would certainly appreciate the business.

Won a book!

Wow, so today didn’t go as planned. I had every intention of working on art today, maybe get a few chapters of reading in, but instead I ended up taking care of a sick 9 year old. It’s not really conducive to work.

On the up side, I woke up this morning to check my e-mail and discovered I’d won one of three copies of Broken Illusions [Midnight Dragonfly 2] by Ellie James! I’ve never read any of her work, but the book seemed interesting when I spotted it in a giveaway on Goodreads. I’m looking forward to giving it a review.

For most of the day I’ve spent my time waffling between reading Cheyenne [Timeless Series 1] by Lisa Wiedmeier and Undertow by Callie Kingston. Earlier in the month I’d read and reviewed Lisa Wiedmeier’s Fated Novella (which is sort of like a prequal to Cheyenne) and gave it a rather lack-luster review. Seeing as I’d never read Cheyenne, I’d started with the prequel thinking it would set the story up. I was wrong. Turns out the prequel only really made sense if you’d read Cheyenne first. Who knew? So obviously, I was disappointed and completely lost, and ended up giving it a rather bad review.  I can only defend myself by saying that it is my firm belief that every book should be able to stand on it’s own, even if it’s from the middle of a series. As an author you can’t guarantee that all of your readers are going to read your books in the right order – and it’s silly to assume they will.

To make a long story short, Lisa Wiedmeier saw my review, and being the awesome person she is, offered me a free copy of Cheyenne in the hopes that I’d like it and give the series another try.  Well far be it from me to pass up a chance at a free book, or pass up giving something a second chance. So here I am, trying to read two books at once, and ending up reading neither.

Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the pillow this morning but I find myself nitpicking every single little detail in the writing on both novels. I’m the meanest editor ever. I’ve probably highlighted and left a note on every other line. So, for now I’m going to take a break, breathe, and hope I can give these books a fair reading after I’ve had a sufficient amount of caffeine.

The ridiculous part is, as an author myself (even unpublished as I am), I feel like I’m somewhat of a tougher critic than your average reader. When parts of the story just aren’t meshing right, I’ll call you out on it because I feel like I know what they should be doing and aren’t. It makes me feel mean and nitpicky, but at the very least I expect authors to have good grammar and understand basic verb agreement. Don’t they teach us this in elementary school?

I guess sometimes certain books just get under my skin. Enough ramblings for now.