Book Review: Wild Witchcraft

wildwitchcraftTitle: Wild Witchcraft

Author: Rebecca Beyer

Genre: Non-Fiction, Witchcraft, Foraging

Rating: 5 Stars



Witchcraft is wild at heart, calling us into a relationship with the untamed world around us. Through the power of developing a relationship with plants, a witch—beginner or experienced—can practice their art more deeply and authentically by interacting with the beings that grow around us all. Bridging the gap between armchair witchcraft and the hedge witches of old, Wild Witchcraft empowers you to work directly with a wide variety of plants and trees safely and sustainably.


What I really appreciated about this book, was the obvious amount of heavy research that went into it. There is so much information involved in this book, everything from practical gardening knowledge, to a look at the historical roots of herbs being used in witch craft. This is not one of those books where you can flip through and get a few facts – it’s pretty extensive.

I loved that with each plant listed, you got not only information on how and where to grow it, but the historical uses of it in folklore and witchcraft, how long till you can harvest it, and what foods and medicines it’s used in. There’s even a brief section on poisons and their effects (clearly with a warning not to use them under any circumstances), and also good foraging practices to help preserve nature and resources. I was impressed by just how much information was presented.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in witchcraft, foraging, and herbs as a solid place to start and gain some practical knowledge.

Book Review: Herbal Magic

reviewcover-herbalmagicTitle: Herbal Magic

Author: Aurora Kane

Genre: Non-Fiction, Witchcraft

Rating: 3 Stars



The plant kingdom is one of the oldest magical tools in existence. Known for millennia to have beneficial properties for both physical and spiritual well-being, many species of plants have been incorporated into the spiritual and healing practices of cultures around the world. These magical herbs are considered incredible gifts by shamans, green witches, hedge witches, and every wild woman and wild man.

This guide introduces the magical properties of plants, how to use them, and how to source them, including detailed step-by-step instructions on how to blend them seamlessly into magical recipes to harness their intrinsic powers. Tips for the budding witch cover:

Uses for both common and rare magical plants
Connecting with nature through the process of growing your own plants
Herbal magic lore and herbal magic spell tools
Tea recipes that can enhance your psychic abilities
Spells for attractions, trust, fortune, and friendship
Work with the energies and properties of magical plants to connect deeply with the earth and all the greenery in her dominion and magnify the power of your magic spells.

The Mystical Handbook series from Wellfleet takes you on a magical journey through the wonderful world of spellcraft and spellcasting. Explore a new practice with each volume and learn how to incorporate spells, rituals, blessings, and cleansings into your daily routine. These portable companions feature beautiful foil-detail covers and color-saturated interiors on a premium paper blend.


I gave Herbal Magic by Aurora Kane 3 stars because this book is really only intended for a very specific audience. There is no practical knowledge here regarding herbs, and though the author included some history, there is little to no reasoning provided for why certain meanings have been assigned to specific herbs.

The narrative came across as a bit woo-woo, with rhymes, flowery language, and over description.

The herbs were described as being intertwined with Astrology for reasons I found unclear, and overall, I don’t think this is going to be a very useful book to those that have a practical mindset towards their practice of witchcraft.

Book Review: Witchcraft Therapy

reviewcover-witchcrafttherapyTitle: Witchcraft Therapy

Author: Mandi Em

Genre: Non-Fiction, Witchcraft

Rating: 5 Stars



Self-help is hard (and therapy is expensive!), but magic makes it easier than ever.

In Witchcraft Therapy, you will learn how to use the mystical powers of intention, mindful manifestation, divination, and righteous indignation to cope with whatever life throws your way. Author and witchy wellness guru Mandi Em offers advice in her own unique brand of positivity providing spells, rituals, and more that you can do right at home.

Complete with wisdom like “Remember that ‘f*ck off’ is a banishing spell,” Witchcraft Therapy will have you feeling more empowered and liberated than ever.


Whether you are a practicing witch or someone who thinks the craft is all very woo-woo, I think you could benefit by giving this book a read. I really appreciated the no-bull, practical approach the author took to writing this book. It was full of recipes, rituals, and mindful exercises to help the reader with grounding themselves and dealing with things like stress and anxiety while reminding them that sometimes the best thing to do is speak to a doctor or a therapist, and take a proactive approach to their own self-care.

This is certainly a book I’d recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being as well as those new to witchcraft, as it has a very practical and balanced approach that I feel most readers will enjoy.

Book Review: The Path of the Witch

reviewcover-thepathofthewitchTitle: The Path of the Witch

Author: Lidia Pradas

Genre: Non-Fiction, Spiritualism, Witchcraft

Rating: 4 Stars



Witchcraft is not one defined path—rather, it is a diversity of practices you can curate and align with based on your lifestyle and unique gifts. Which witch are you?

Do you have an affinity for working with plants and herbs for magic and medicine? You may be a Green Witch.

Is the kitchen and home space sacred to you? Are you able to tap into the sensory and healing properties of food for spellwork? Is cooking an intentional act for you? You may be a Kitchen Witch.

Are you able to easily connect with the spirit world or the liminal realms? You may be a Hedge Witch.

Can you do many practices with ease? You may be an Eclectic Witch.

The Path of the Witchdescribes the many different types of witches, their gifts and abilities, and their practices. Each path shows readers activities and rituals that they can use to discover and explore that type of witchcraft and discern which one is the fit for them.


This book was interesting. Though not a practicing witch myself, I’ve done a fair bit of reading on the subjects and have studied a lot of the basics of both witchcraft and the Wiccan religion. The path of the Witch by Lidia Pradas held a generous amount of information about different aspects of the craft – from general knowledge to recipes, and history. It was a lot of information to absorb, but I really appreciated how thorough the author was about different aspects of each practice.

My only real nitpick about the book is the manner in which it was organized. It was divided into specific categories of witches rather than covering the different aspects of the practice as a whole, shared between the different, more specialized paths. The differentiation between Green, Kitchen, Wiccan, and other types of witches felt very narrowing the way it was divided.

That aside, as I said, the book contains an abundance of information, and if you’re looking for an intermediate level read on witches, you are sure to find some good info here.

Book Review: Candle Magic For Beginners

reviewcover-candle magic for beginnersTitle: Candle Magic For Beginners

Author: Mystic Dylan

Genre: Non-Fiction, Witchcraft

Rating: 5 Stars


Note: At the time of the scheduling of this book review, the book had not yet been released, nor it’s information uploaded to GoodReads, because of that, I’ve left off my usual link to GoodReads. My apologies! The book will be released December 01, 2020.


Are you new to candle magic, but with a burning desire to learn? Light the flame with Candle Magic for Beginners, the comprehensive guide to beginning your candle magic practice. With detailed, step-by-step instructions for everything from choosing the right candle to performing the perfect ritual, you’ll find everything you need to know to start magically manifesting your goals.

Discover the different types of candles and their ideal uses, and find out how shape, size, color, and burn time can influence your results with candle magic. Learn how to create a sacred altar, prepare your candle for spellwork, and focus your intentions. Select a spell like Mental Health Magic, Kemetic Flame of Protection, Lucky Cat Candle, Aphrodite’s Beauty Ritual, or Druid’s Circle of Serenity, and get started!

In Candle Magic for Beginners, you’ll find:

  • 30 Step-by-step spells―Find clear, detailed spells for love, healing, protection, abundance, and enlightenment―all from a variety of traditions.

  • The magic of color―Explore the many purposes of color in candle magic―yellow for insight, pink for compassion, green for success, blue for strength, and more.

  • Complete candle care―Learn step-by-step how to choose, cleanse, charge, consecrate, and dispose of candles used for magical work.

Let the magic begin with Candle Magic for Beginners.


What I really like about Candle Magic For Beginners by Mystic Dylan is that though being about using candles in witchcraft, which can sometimes meander away from practical practice into the more tenuous realm of spiritual belief, this book did a great job of providing the reader with a wealth of historical knowledge, ancient mythos, and practical facts. I love that the burn times of the various types of candles, and what materials are used to craft them was shared. I think that if you are looking to learn more about how candles are used in witchcraft, and the history behind the craft of using candles for such, this is a fantastic resource of information.

Book Review: Crystals For Witches

reviewcover-crystals for witchesTitle: Crystals For Witches

Author: Eliza Mabelle

Genre: Non-Fiction, Witchcraft

Rating: 3 Stars


Note: This book was not available on GoodReads at the time this book review was schedule to be posted, as the book will be released December 01, 2020. Because of this, I have left off the usual link to GoodReads, My apologies!


Explore a collection of magical practices that embrace the power of crystals and bring a new dimension to your craft. Crystals for Witches is your ultimate guide to selecting and incorporating the right crystals for your spells and rituals―no matter what kind of witch you are. From making an amulet for prosperity out of quartz, to protecting your home with black agate, to using amethyst for spiritual awakening, this book will teach you how to make crystals a guiding force in your magical practice.

Crystals for Witches features:

  • All about crystals―Learn the basics of crystal magic, including how to choose, cleanse, and activate them, before moving into tips and guidance for altars, grids, meditations, spellwork, and beyond.

  • Finding the magic―Discover what makes crystals such an important part of witchcraft, and learn practical ways to build the relationship between yourself and the spirit within a crystal.

  • Know your stones―Reference full profiles on over 30 different crystals, plus quick overviews of 100 more, so you can easily identify any stone and its specific magical properties.

Find simple, powerful ways to infuse crystal magic into your spells and rituals with Crystals for Witches.


I went on a reading adventure the past few weeks, absorbing a ton of literature on Witchcraft and Wicca, from the more historical aspects to modern-day practices – and I’ll be honest, this was my least favorite of all the materials I’ve read. I try to keep a relatively open mind on the topic of witchcraft, even though I am not a practitioner, but this is the first book I came across where the topic leaned so far towards the hippy-dippy. It seems as though most witchcraft is based on a combination of mythos, connection to the natural world, and thoughtful meditation – and has very little to do with the actual belief in “magic”, which, I can get behind because I see where it would be helpful in people’s lives. However, Crystals For Witches by Eliza Mabelle was very much grounded in magic, power, spirits, and “feelings” without any sort of grounded basis.

There was very little to the book that explained why certain crystals were believed to have certain powers – based on any sort of mythos or scientific evidence, and instead, more “this will help you with love because that’s just what the purpose is”. I wish there had been more thorough information on how these beliefs came about and less spouting that things were true “because”. The way it was presented sounded more like someone sharing their religious beliefs, rather than sharing information.

Don’t get me wrong – if you are one of the people who believe in that sort of thing, that’s fine, to each their own, and I don’t mean to disparage anyone for their beliefs… but it wasn’t what I was looking for in my endeavor to learn, and I found it less helpful than I would have wished.

Book Review: Missing Witches

reviewcover-missing witchesTitle: Missing Witches

Author: Risa Dickens & Amy Torok

Genre: Non-Fiction, History, Witchcraft, Witches, Feminism

Rating: 2 Stars



When you start looking for witches, you find them everywhere. As seekers and practitioners reclaim and restore magic to its rightful place among powerful forces for social, personal, and political transformation, more people than ever are claiming the identity of “Witch.” But our knowledge of witchcraft and magic has been marred by erasure, sensationalism, and sterilization, the true stories of history’s witches left untold.

Through meditations, stories, and practices, authors Risa Dickens and Amy Torok offer an intersectional, contemporary lens for uncovering and reconnecting with feminist witch history. Sharing traditions from all over the world—from Harlem to Haiti, Oaxaca to Mesopotamia—Missing Witches introduces readers to figures like Monica Sjoo, HP Blavatsky, Maria Sabina, and Enheduanna, shedding light on their work and the cultural and sociopolitical contexts that shaped it. Structured around the 8 sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, each chapter includes invocations, rituals, and offerings that incorporate the authors’ own wisdom, histories, and journeys of trauma, loss, and empowerment. Missing Witches offers an inside look at the vital stories of women who have practiced—and lived—magic.


Missing Witches by Risa Dickens & Amy Torok was not what I expected. Going into this book, I was expecting a comprehensive telling of the unknown (or little known) histories of the witch… and it is only by a tenuous stretch of that expectation that I can say that the book tried.

The overall problem I faced is that the book was exceedingly scattered in the way it was written. The narrative was longwinded and cut frequently by even longer quotes and roundabout asides by the authors. On any given page, I found it difficult to discern what the current topic even was.

It is my feeling that the book was not organized well, and was written in such a way that only the most determined will be able to slog through it. This book will not be accessible to your average reader, and frankly, I’d encourage you to find your history elsewhere if you can.

Book Review: Witchcraft For Healing

reviewcover-witchcraft for healingTitle: Witchcraft For Healing

Author: Patti Wigington

Genre: Non-Fiction, Witchcraft

Rating: 5 Stars



Witchcraft for Healing is your guide to unlocking magic’s transformative, empowering nature, and finding spiritual, emotional, and physical healing in all aspects of your life. Learn about how witchcraft has its roots in wellness, and explore dozens of simple spells and remedies like crafting an incense blend for prosperity, mixing oils for community unity, or brewing a healing herbal tonic.

Witchcraft for Healing offers:

  • Wisdom for all witches―Whether you’re a new witch or an experienced witch, find ways to deepen your craft and reclaim your power through authentic information, practical applications, and empathetic wisdom.

  • What you need to know―Begin with a look at the history of witchcraft and the basic knowledge you need to approach your magic with confidence, before diving into spells and rituals to enrich your life and heal your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Tips on the tools of the trade―These rituals use basic tools like candles, crystals, herbs, and essential oils that most witches can easily find or already have on hand―but remember: magic is made in the mind and the heart.

Tune into yourself and harness the power of self-care in all parts of your life with Witchcraft for Healing.


Witchcraft For Healing by Patti Wigington is an absolutely gorgeously crafted book. I found it to be well-written and designed, with clear sections that make it easy to look up the topics within.

Though relatively short, it covers a variety of healing and well-being based topics along with recipes and spellwork. There are some great exercises for centering yourself and dealing with negative emotions, and I don’t think you need to be a practitioner of witchcraft to benefit from them.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, I would certainly recommend it as a positive and calming read.

Book Review: Practical Magic For Beginners

reviewcover-practical magic for beginnersTitle: Practical Magic For Beginners

Author: Maggie Haseman

Genre: Non-Fiction, Mysticism

Rating: 4 Stars



Embrace your inner witch with this beginner’s guide to practical magic and spellcasting
If you have ever wondered about the mystical qualities that exist within you, this is the perfect beginner’s guide to everyday rituals and spellcasting. Practical Magic for Beginners is a simple, yet extensive reference that teaches you about conscious conjuring using a wide range of tools, techniques, disciplines, and elements.

Whether you’re interested in chakras, astrology, talismans, dreams, or anything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Discover entry-level remedies, recipes, and spells, and learn about plant magic, herbal cures for common ailments, spiritual cleansing, and more.


I’ll be frank… I think this book was miss-titled. I went into this book expecting a guide to, well, witchcraft – spellwork, incantations, maybe a little herbalism, something about the history of witchcraft, moon phases… basically, the usual witchcraft kit of information give or take some personal views.

That isn’t what this is.

The book is well written, incredibly thorough, if lacking much of a personal touch, and covers a wide variety of topics – don’t get me wrong. It’s a useful book to have on your shelves… it’s just not so much about “magic” and witchcraft as it is general mysticism. Very little in this book is about the topics mentioned earlier. If you want to learn about Tarot, crystal healing, palm reading, or divination, this is a great resource, and those practices can certainly be an aspect of witchcraft… but recognize going in what this book is, and what it isn’t.

Book Review: A Practical Guide For Witches

review-cover-a practical guide for witchesTitle: A Practical Guide For Witches

Author: Ylva Mara Radziszewski

Genre: Non-Fiction, Witchcraft

Rating: 5 Stars



Witchcraft is a vast and varied range of magical rituals and beliefs―which means refining and deepening your craft can seem overwhelming at first. A Practical Guide for Witches is a simple but comprehensive reference to guide you through using witchcraft in all aspects of your life. It’s a solid foundation of knowledge and wisdom that empowers your practice to grow.

Inside you’ll find approachable spells, nourishing rituals, and encouraging advice that can help all witches channel their energy into everything from blessing house plants, to soothing a broken heart, lighting candles for protection, and attracting good luck.

This powerful guide for witches is:

  • Truly practical―No matter where you are on your path, this book draws on all types of witchcraft to help you tap into the enchantment of daily life.

  • Find your roots―Explore a brief history of witches and an introduction to magical practices like manifestations, setting intentions, the phases of the moon, and building altars to the seasons.

  • Magic for all areas of life―Use your craft to strengthen your health, happiness, relationships, career, and beyond.

Awaken your power and infuse magic into everything you do with A Practical Guide for Witches.


A Practical Guide For Witches by Ylva Mara Radziszewski is one of the better witchcraft books I’ve read this year – and I’ve read quite a

few. I found the author’s inclusive and welcoming approach to the practice to be very calming and reassuring. The book was well written, easy to follow, and packed with a wealth of historical knowledge and modern practice.

There’s a little bit of everything in this book, from spells & charms to practical everyday advice, and philosophies on practice. If you are a practicing witch, or just someone interested in learning a little more about modern witchcraft, I’d recommend this book as a good place to start, as well as a useful reference for your library.