Weekend Wrap-Up #1

I meant to write up some version of this post last weekend, but inevitably, forgot. Things are getting back on schedule here at Author Unpublished. After a short stint with no posts, we’ve returned to having Book Reviews on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Free Fiction Fridays on, well, Fridays. That leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays for reposts, tutorials, and random articles that may pop up occasionally.

For awhile there, I was dreadfully behind on my reviews (about five books behind), but I’m finally back on target. I’m about three books ahead right now and I’ve got posts scheduled into mid-May. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be back on schedule—and now that I am, I wanted to introduce a new posting day.

Up until now I’ve kept my weekends free because it used to be the busiest days of my entire week (when my family all got together to hang out). The schedule’s changed a bit since then, and now I’m almost entirely alone most Saturdays and Sundays (which I use to bake, clean, and lounge around watching YouTube), so I’ve decided to do an end of the weekend post each week to wrap things up. Think of it as a bit of a check-in.

I’d like to use the Weekend Wrap-Ups to discuss things that went on during that week and what I have planned for the upcoming week.  This past week was actually pretty busy.

What I Read


Obviously, I was busy. There were some great books in this group, and a couple of flops, but the majority of my reviews ended up positive. Reviews went up Monday and Wednesday for I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios and From What I Remember… by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas. The rest I have scheduled ahead:

  • April 20 – Sea Air by Jule Meeringa (1 Star)
  • April 22 – Caught Up In You by Kim Boykin (4 Stars)
  • April 27 – A Highland Knight’s Desire by Amy Jarecki (4 Stars)
  • April 29 – Remnants of the Damned by Gavin Hetherington (1 Star)
  • May 4 – In The Land of Gold by Angela Christina Archer (4 Stars)
  • May 6 – The Millionaire Daddy Project by Roxanne Snopek (5 Stars)
  • May 11 – I Dreamt of Trees by Gilles Decruyenaere (1 Star)

What Was Posted

What I Did

cookiesIt was an exhausting week. I spent most of my time trying to catch up on my reading, writing reviews, and scheduling posts (as is evidenced by the large amount of books in the previous sections of this Wrap-Up). I also spent a lot of time cleaning my house, trying to get in some exercising, and baking cookies (Egg Nog and Sugar Cookies!) to foil that plan. I learned to bake home-made French bread, which turned out to be a huge hit with my 11 year old, and the remaining little time I had was spent being ill.

Unfortunately the week before last I caught a bad case of food poisoning, and subsequently spent a week eating nothing but homemade chicken and rice soup and water because that was the only thing I could manage to stomach. I thought that I was over with it after a week, had a lovely meal of some “real food” for what seemed like the first time in ages… it was all going well. Then my husband brought me home an unidentified burrito from a luncheon at his work (because it was spicy and he hates spicy food, where as I love it) and two bites in I was back to being ill. Le sigh.

In the past several days I’ve eaten toast, a one-time splurge on Dairy Queen ice cream (because everyone was going and I hate sitting at a table in a restaurant and not eating something), and today I had Ginger Ale and a sugar cookie—because damnit, I made them, and they were still warm from the oven. That’s it. To be honest—I’m not even hungry…but I do regret that sugar cookie. It’s back to soup for me this next week! Yay?

candydrawerI also spent the majority of my day today cleaning my fridge. It’s a bit ridiculous, but my family has what we call “the candy drawer” in our fridge. In reality, it’s one of my fridge’s crispers which has been filled with leftover candy from every holiday imaginable and some not. Since we live in the desert, (El Paso, Texas), we learned early on that any and all candy left outside the fridge will promptly melt. Take a moment to imagine the nightmare of having jolly ranchers melt onto your kitchen countertop. So, being the forward-thinkers we are, all candy has been relegated to the fridge. We don’t have to worry about ants, cats, or heat waves ruining it. Unfortunately, it’s been awhile since the fridge was cleaned, and as we discovered, the candy drawer had started to leak out into other parts of the fridge. We somehow still managed to have a Push Pop melt into the fridge door. So I tasked my 11 year old this morning to helping me clean everything out, separating it into types of candy, and then reshuffling them into the fridge.

I kid you not, my fridge lost half of it’s contents with all the candy we threw out. The problem isn’t that we constantly eat candy… quite the opposite.. we never eat candy. My husband doesn’t have a sweet tooth, I’ve been trying not to gorge myself on sugar for the past year, and my daughter just… forgets that it’s there. So.. a year later (we usually clean it out around Halloween to make more room), we had a massive breach of candy containment.

Next Week

This upcoming week I have book reviews scheduled for Sea Air by Jule Meeringa and Caught up in You by Kim Boykin (which, by the way, is being released on Tuesday—so go check it out), and of course Free Fiction Friday and the next Weekend Wrap Up on Friday and Sunday respectively. I’m sure there will be more reposts thrown in there somewhere as I spot articles that catch my eye. My main goal for next week is to get some more reading done (I’d like to finish off my immediate TBR list in the near future, but barring that, I’d at least like to have posts scheduled till the end of April), and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll catch some time to work on my writing here and there.

That’s it for now. Keep on writing and reading, and I’ll catch-up with you guys at the next Weekly Wrap-Up.