Book Review: Hers, Unleashed

reviewcover-hers unleashedTitle: Hers, Unleashed [Hers 3]

Author: Anna Adler

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Rating: 4 Stars



Silenian security guard Kaitlyn Bennett has won the proverbial lottery. A male hybrid matching all her fantasies has chosen her from thousands of other women. For three months, he will be her personal sex toy—a dream come true made possible by the planet’s new legislation.

Roth is in desperate need of a hideout, and becoming a sex pet on Silenia is the perfect way to disappear. All he has to do is entertain his beautiful human Mistress until his enemies give up the search—and be paid for the pleasure. What could go wrong?

As it turns out, a lot. The Traditionalists on Silenia have had enough of the new order, and Kaitlyn and Roth end up fighting side-by-side against the rising crime. Roth discovers he enjoys his new role, almost as much as he enjoys being the object of Kaitlyn’s desires…

But as Roth’s time on Silenia comes to an end he has to decide which he wants more: his money or the woman of his dreams. And when disaster strikes, is the bond between Kaitlyn and Roth strong enough to save Silenia, or will his secret be the end of them all…?


I always feel conflicted after reading Anna Adler’s work, and Hers, Unleashed was no exception. The whole infrastructure of treating sentient beings as pets doesn’t sit well with me even though they are being treated well. The similarities to slavery and the potential for abuse leaves me feeling skeeved out.

I do understand, however, that for some, this sort of thing is tied into a submissive/dominant fetishism and power dynamic fantasies, and I can respect that. Because this is erotic fiction and not real life, I am willing to look past it and try to enjoy the story for what it is.

I like that the overwhelmingly unethical practices of the world were changed for this installment of the series. It was nice to see change being enacted.

Despite the afore-mentioned misgivings, the book was well-written. It flowed well and I didn’t run into any major typos or grammatical errors. The characters were interesting, and the sexual-tension between Roth and Kaitlyn was searing. Overall, I enjoyed the book… but I will caution that it isn’t going to appeal to every reader. It’s hard to get past the pet system, but if you can, it’s a fun read.