Free Fiction Friday #13

Hey guys! It’s that time again: Free Fiction Friday! I’ve missed a few of these lately because I’ve been super busy with health issues and family things. (I swear, August –> December is the busiest time of the year for me!) But I’m trying to get back on track and pop up some articles as I get the chance, so here you go. To make up for the huge gaps in my content, Free Fiction Fridays (when I get around to them) are going to be a tad bigger than normal.

This week’s we’re going to have a mish-mash of several genre’s. (Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Action, Adventure, Intrigue) So with no further ado, here is an assortment of books for you to enjoy (100 % free on Amazon, e-book format, 4+ star ratings).

cover-badgames[ File # csp8681116, License # 2567701 ]Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( Can Stock Photo Inc. / dundanimcover-vampiresevecover-keepmeghostedcover-chosencover-aquestofheroescover-tangledbeautycover-surrendercover-freshtemptationcover-threegirlsandababycover-gabrielrisingcover-thedevilsgrincover-takeadeepbreathcover-lovebythelettercover-forsakendreamscover-thisbeautifulthingcover-jetcover-frenchquartercover-curiositykilledthekatcover-sistersinlovecover-rainwaterkissescover-lieordiecover-biggirlsdoitboxedcover-bluefall

in The Mail #13


I was completely floored today when I checked the mail. Sitting outside on my porch was a rather large box – too large for just one book, I thought. I knew I had some books coming in the mail soon that I’d won in various Goodreads Giveaways, but it still struck me as rather strange. Nevertheless, it was marked “Media Mail” and my name was scrawled across it in beautiful cursive, so I took it inside, and after several minutes of wrestling with the tape, managed to get it open.


ImageThe box weighed a TON, and when I popped open the cardboard lid, inside I found not one, not two, not three, but FOUR signed books by the lovely Caroline Clemmons along with a very pretty post card. I’d won Blue Bonnet Bride in the goodreads giveaway, but had no idea just how generous Ms. Clemmons was planning to be.

Anyways, the books are:

I’m so excited to start reading these, they’ve all gotten great reviews on Goodreads. This may have made my week. :3