Book Review: The Wiccan Book of Shadows

reviewcover-the wiccan book of shadowsTitle: The Wiccan Book of Shadows

Author: Ambrosia Hawthorn

Genre: Non-Fiction, Wicca

Rating: 5 Stars



As you journey down the path of Wicca, you’ll nurture a unique set of traditions and beliefs to guide your way. The Wiccan Book of Shadows walks you through developing your own Wiccan practice, from those traditions and beliefs to everyday spells and rituals. Using the journaling spaces throughout, you can record the key elements of your practice to create a Book of Shadows—a sacred tool you can refer back to any time.

Grow your knowledge with a foundational overview of the craft, and find practical information about tools, altars, building a Book of Shadows, and other basics of Wiccan life. Then explore a variety of simple spells, recipes, and rituals including herbal brews, spiritual baths, and candle magic—all using easy-to-find supplies and ingredients.


If you are interested in learning about Wicca and the fundamentals of its foundations and practices, The Wiccan Book of Shadows by Ambrosia Hawthorn is a good place to start.

The book is filled with the historical beginnings of Wicca, it’s deities, holidays, and general beliefs. It also contains information on ruins, sigils, scrying, spellwork, and their related components. All along the way, the author stops to ask the reader to consider their own beliefs and reminds them of their ability to chose and decide for themselves how best to practice their own Wiccan beliefs.

The book was easy to read and well-organized. If Wicca is something you are wanting to look into for either personal reasons or as an academic interest, this would be a good start to understand Wicca as a whole.