Book Review: The Infographic Guide to Grammar

cover-the infographic guide to grammarTitle: The Infographic Guide to Grammar: A Visual Reference for Everything You Need to Know

Author: Jara Kern

Genre: Non-Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars



This illustrated guide to English grammar gives you everything you need for a better understanding of how to write and punctuate correctly. From proper comma usage to the correct form of there, their, or they’re—understanding grammar has never been easier.

Is it who or whom? Affect or effect? And what is a prepositional phrase? With The Infographic Guide to Grammar, you’ll learn the answers to all of these questions, and so much more. Filled with colorful, easy-to-understand entries, this book includes topics like:

–Basic sentence structure
–The parts of speech
–Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Featuring 50 vibrant infographics explaining everything from subject-verb agreement to the Oxford comma and verb tenses this book breaks down the complicated rules and guidelines for writing the English language and makes them clear and straightforward.


The Infographic Guide to Grammar by Jara Kern is a fantastic book to pick up if you need help understanding the fundamentals of English grammar and how it works. It featured comprehensive explanations for all the different parts of speech, how they fit together, how to identify them, and their roots in the English language – all sorted into a visual guide that was easy to understand. I would recommend the paper version of this over the e-book version, just because I feel like it will be a better visual reference if you can hold it in front of you, but it is well worth the purchase if you are looking to learn more about grammar.