Book Review: Sinful Vices

review-cover-sinful vicesTitle: Sinful Vices

Author: Heather West

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Dark

Rating: 2 Stars



I’m no saint. She’s no angel. This is a match made in hell.

Cassidy is the one girl forbidden to me.

The one I’d sworn never to touch.

But when her father demands that I be her bodyguard, I can’t say no.

I should stay away.

I should leave her be.

But I can’t.

The temptation, the hunger, the need…

It’s too much to resist.

She’s so supple in my hands, so easy to bend to my will.

Owning her is ecstasy.

Until her father founds out what I’ve done.

Now, I’ve been exiled.

Stripped of my patch, my pride, and my woman, I’m a lost soul.

But I won’t be humiliated that easily.

I’m coming back.

I’m coming to take what’s mine.


Sigh. I can’t even with this book. I wanted to like it—I really did—and I did manage to finish it… but this is what I’d call a fluff book. It had plot, characters, conflict… but entirely lacked any sort of grounding. As much as I liked the main characters, their romance and the overall arch of the story, the dialogue, actions, and decisions of the characters were so ridiculously unbelievable that it ruined the book for me.

The worst perpetrator of this was the father of the main female lead, who talked like an old mob-boss. He was so over-the-top dramatic all the time that he made me want to roll my eyes. His dialogue was some of the most unrealistic I’ve ever read.

I don’t know if the author just rushed through this book in order to get it published as quickly as possible, or what—but it was definitely sub-par to the sort of care and craft I generally look for in a romance.

If you’re just looking for a fun, quick read to while away the time, this book is probably fine… but it’s not something I’d pick up if there were any other romance book within arm’s reach. I expected more.