Book Review: Red Night

cover-review-red nightTitle: Red Night [Vampire Files Trilogy 1]

Author: R.K. Close

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Vampires

Rating: 4 Stars



Samantha knows what hides in the shadows…and now they know about her.

Beautiful, immortal, deadly, and living right under our noses. Vampires are real. How do I know this?
Because I met Adam, and he’s one of them.

My name is Samantha Chase, and I’m a private investigator. My life is about to change forever. Everything I thought I knew about the world around me is wrong, so very wrong.

Death in the desert.

A serial killer with an appetite for young blondes is on the loose in my city, and he’s just added me to the menu. I’m a pawn in a game played by beautiful monsters, and one wrong move could be my last.

If having one immortal after my heart isn’t enough to convince me I’m out of my league, there’s another one after my blood.

When did I become so popular?

Adam may be my only hope. Or he might be the wildest—and deadliest—mistake I’ve ever made.


I enjoyed Red Night by R.K. Close. To be honest, I had some hesitation when I first picked up the book. The beginning of the story was eerily similar to another vampire book I’d read, and the comparison didn’t go unnoticed – but, that initial spark of familiarity quickly died out. The stories were vastly different, and frankly, this one was done better.

The writing was easy to follow and engaging. The characters had complexity and unique voices. Though not revolutionary, the plot at least followed through, though I’ll admit, it was a tad flimsy. Overall, I enjoyed the narrative voice and the story as a whole.

Would I recommend it? Yes. if you like paranormal stories, vampires, and tense, slow-burn relationships, you will probably enjoy this book. I look forward to continuing with the series.