Book Review: Nothing Compares To The Duke

cover-nothing compares to the dukeTitle: Nothing Compares To The Duke [The Duke’s Den 3]

Author: Christy Carlyle

Genre: Historical, Romance

Rating: 5 Stars



His Only Regret…
Rhys Forester, the new Duke of Claremont, lives his life by four words: Enjoy All, Regret Nothing. He’s devoted to the pleasure of his wild soirees, reckless behavior, and shocking the ton with his interests in trade. The debts that come with his title don’t fit the carefree lifestyle he’s created, and when he’s forced to return to his family’s estate, he’s also forced to confront his one and only regret: the beautiful girl he left behind.

May Be Falling in Love…
Arabella Prescott has been the belle of more balls than she cares to remember. After three seasons and five rejected proposals, she’s done with the marriage mart. Bella’s hopes to live a comfortable life, alone, come crashing down when her parents demand she marry. But her salvation may come in the form of the man she hates the most.

Bella has never forgiven Rhys for what he did to her, but desperate times call for fake engagements. With a few dozen rules, their scheme begins, but it’s not long before the former enemies find themselves breaking every single rule, including the most important of them all: don’t fall in love…


Nothing Compares To the Duke by Christy Carlyle is not your usual historical romance. The heroine is extraordinarily clever, determined, and hard-headed, and the hero is a bit of a lost soul. Had the two never been childhood friends, this story may have gone an entirely different way, but there was something sweet about how close they were, despite being very different people.

The book overall was well-written and well-paced. The characters had depth, and there were just enough hijinks to keep things going. My only real qualm with the story was the last chapter before the epilogue. There was something off about it – perhaps the desperation of the hero in the way he momentarily returned to his old ways… it just didn’t sit quite right with me.

That aside, the rest of the book was fantastic, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who loves historical romances.