Book Review: My Soul To Give

review-cover-my soul to giveTitle: My Soul To Give [A Demon’s Love 1]

Author: Magali A. Frechette

Genre: Dark Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy

Rating: 4 Stars



When Celina Leviet escapes the brutal home invasion that kills her husband, she’s left with a bullet in her gut and vengeance in her heart. An alluring demon, Mekaisto, offers an irresistible deal—in exchange for her soul, he’ll let her live long enough to get her revenge, but she must hunt and kill the murderers herself.

After sealing the contract, Celina digs into her husband’s past for clues about his murder, and what she uncovers makes her question everything she thought she knew about him.

His company never existed.

His family history was a lie.

And he was involved with The Lumen, a shadowy religious order whose members know too much about demons. As the life she thought she knew crumbles around her, Mekaisto’s charms become harder to resist. Forced to face a horrible truth, Celina struggles against her late husband’s betrayal and the dark seduction of the devil she knows.


I’ll admit it. I have a thing about demons in my romance fiction—I love the danger of the forbidden relationship they represent, and the tension in trying to figure out if they can truly be trusted at their word… so it should be no surprise that I enjoyed My Soul To Give by Magali A. Frechette. There was certainly an aspect of danger and the forbidden to its characters and plotline, even crossing over the line a little too far at times. This was definitely not your conventional romance.

The characters were interesting, complex, and compelling. Their romance was steamy, a bit taboo, and sweet at the same time. The mystery and aspects of the murder plotline kept the story jaunting along, and I couldn’t help but get sucked into the narrative.

I don’t think this story is going to work for everyone though. There are definitely a lot of questionable aspects of the characters and plot that aren’t going to sit well with some readers, especially those who are firmly religious. If you’re one of those people, this book is not going to be for you—and it’s not meant to be.

If you’re into dark fantasy, I highly recommend you pick this one up. It was certainly a captivating read, and the ending was one I didn’t see coming!

Book Review: Protect My Heart

review-cover-protect my heartTitle: Protect My Heart

Author: Judy Corry

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 4 Stars (3.5)



Emma Howard has sworn off hot guys, but Arie Blackwell has sworn to protect her.

After a series of cheating ex-boyfriends, Emma goes on a self-prescribed boy cleanse and plans to spend her senior year focused on the important things in life, like deciding which college to attend. She has no idea she’s an heiress with a target on her back and boys are the least of her worries.

Arie thinks his college internship will be easy: pose as a high school senior and protect Emma. He never expected to fall for her.

Sparks ignite, but danger is near. If Arie can’t keep Emma hidden, her fate will be infinitely worse than falling for the guy she shouldn’t want.


On one hand, I really liked Protect My Heart by Judy Corry. The characters were likable, the romance was cute, and there was an underlying mystery to the plotline that kept me intrigued as the story went on. The book was well written, with clean and easy to read narrative, and a narrative voice that made it easy to sink into the story.

On the other hand, there were also some rather questionable aspects of the story as well. The main male lead is 22 and falls in love (on the job no less) with the minor he’s meant to be protecting. It’s unprofessional and morally questionable. Also, the evil mob-boss-like uncle was a bit of a letdown. He came off as a terrible cliché. I was expecting something more after the lead-up of the mysterious things going on up until that point with the bodyguards and surveillance of Emma.

Overall I wouldn’t say that it was a bad book – because I liked it. I liked the characters, I liked their romance, and I enjoyed the writing. The few aspects of the plot that I didn’t appreciate as much weren’t enough to make me dislike the rest of the book. If you’re looking for a sweet romance with a tiny bit of the inappropriate mixed in, you might really enjoy this story, and I do recommend it—but if the negative aspects of the plot are going to bother you, you might want to give it a pass.

Book Review: My Royal Temptation

review-cover-my royal temptationTitle: My Royal Temptation [Arrogant Heirs 1]

Author: Riley Pine, Jessa Rose

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 2 Stars



I will never love.

I will not marry.

Happily ever after doesn’t exist in my kingdom.

I’m Prince Nikolai, Duke of Westcraven and heir apparent to the Edenvale throne. I’ve got rock hard abs, live hard, and f**k even harder. Life is a nonstop party until my father and evil stepmother hire Kate Winter, a prim and proper matchmaker, and give me an ultimatum: marry by my twenty-ninth birthday or they’ll hand my crown to the banished brother who once a betrayed me.

There’s no way in hell I’ll give my heart to any woman.

Because you cannot give what is broken beyond repair.

But what hides beneath Kate Winter’s ice queen exterior is a fiery redhead who likes it hot. She may have a sharp tongue in the throne room, but oh the things that tongue can do when no one else is looking.

That’s why I didn’t see it coming–Kate Winter enticing me, body and soul. Now she’s the only woman I want–and according to Royal Law, the woman forbidden to be my queen.

But I’m sure as hell no Prince Charming, and I’ve never been good at following rules.


This book genuinely made me angry. I don’t often say that about a book, but in this case, it’s true. The story started off with an arrogant prince that was condescending, narcissistic, and womanizing. The main female lead was naïve and innocent, and if anything, the setup for their relationship was the best part of this book. It should have been an easy win for the author…

But the story was completely ruined by the execution. It was bad. Really bad. Everything about this book was unbelievable to the point of being absurd. Every time I thought “this can’t possibly get worse”, it did.

At one point there was a cut scene where the evil stepmother queen is declaring treason against the prince while standing outside a hospital room where the female lead’s grandmother is dying (having somehow known that the prince and the main female lead were there… even though the female lead had been “dead” just 15 minutes before in a dungeon—AND they’d snuck out unseen with the help of the mysterious unnamed bodyguard.) The press is there (who even had time to call them, let alone how did they get there so quickly?), and I just sat back and said… “what is this bull****?” It was nonsense. Don’t even get me started on the magical-lake-trial-of-true-love or how a kiss somehow bypassed poison… or the total Romeo & Juliet knock-off vibes of the dungeon scene.

*Takes deep, calming breaths*. In all seriousness, this book read like an erotica novel penned by a first-time author dabbling in fan-fiction living out their middle-school fantasies. I expected so much more from a book by this publisher. I hated this book, possibly more than any other romance book I’ve ever read. I feel like my time was wasted and I am incredibly disappointed. The book was poorly constructed, and frankly, I feel a bit insulted that the publisher tried to pass this off as a quality romantic read. I would not recommend this book to anyone.

Book Review: My Journey Through War and Peace

review-cover-my journey through war and peaceTitle: My Journey Through War and Peace

Author: Melissa Burch

Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir

Rating: 3 Stars



“My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker” is based on Melissa Burch’s experiences as a war journalist for BBC, CBS, and other networks. Her team was one of the first documentary crews allowed in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, and she was featured in a New York Times story about her time in Afghanistan. She was just in her twenties when she traveled with the mujahideen, filmed an attack on a Soviet convoy, slept with an Afghan commander, and climbed 14,000-foot mountains in the Hindu Kush.

“My Journey Through War and Peace” examines how, through outward action and inward exploration, life can unfold in mysterious ways, far beyond cultural and family expectations. In looking back at this momentous decade, Burch shares why she pursued such dangerous and difficult circumstances at such a young age and continued to live on the edge. She now understands that she was seeking self-discovery, a connection to something greater, and ultimately inner peace. This exciting memoir will resonate with fans of “Eat Pray Love,” “Wild,” and other popular memoirs that describe extraordinary inner and outer journeys.


My Journey Through War and Peace by Melissa Burch was a strange adventure through the life and career of a young war journalist. The story explored the ups and downs of this young woman’s life, her career in journalism, her experiences with feminism and sexuality, and ultimately her spiritualism. I found it to be an interesting story of disillusionment, understanding, fear, and ultimately a sort of peace as she worked her way through her early career and relationships and tried to ultimately come to terms with who she was and what she wanted out of the different aspects of her life. It wasn’t an easy tale—there were many terrifying moments, questionable choices, and compromises that were to be made, but it was certainly interesting.

To be frank, it wasn’t the type of story I normally read. I very rarely delve into non-fiction and certainly not memoirs, and I can’t say that it’s something I would pick up and re-read, but I am glad to have read it. If you’re interested in autobiographical memoirs dealing with some pretty heavy topics, I think there’s a good chance you might find this a really interesting read.

Book Review: My Best Friend’s Bear

review-cover-my best friend's bearTitle: My Best Friend’s Bear [Wild Ties 1]

Author: Eva Thorne

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Bear Shifter, Erotica

Rating: 3 Stars



Sandra Brown is a recent college graduate stuck in a drifting life. Her days are spent reading about hot guys while her best friend Gem is out dating them. That all changes when her best friend brings home a mysterious and sexy stranger, Daniel Harrison.

At first, Sandra believes that no man as sexy as Daniel would ever give her the time of day. But as time goes by she learns that there’s more to Daniel than there appears to be. Daniel is a bear shifter with a dangerous past, and Sandra might be just the woman to heal his wounds.

This is steamy and sassy romance that contains no cheating, has no cliffhangers, and finishes with a happily ever after that will put a smile on your face and send tingles through your body. It’s the start of a new series but stands alone as an exciting read for anyone who could use a little more romance in their life.


My Best Friend’s Bear by Eva Thorne was a bit of a mixed bag for me. There were some definite positive qualities to the story… but by the same token, there were a lot of negatives as well.

The book was… well, poorly written if I’m honest. There were numerous typos,  one or two tense problems, and a few formatting errors. They were a little distracting, but not to the point of absurdity—it just made me wonder if the editor that looked over this book really took enough time to properly look over the book. The typos were pretty blatant, and not easily skimmed over, so I feel like even though I received a copy of this book pre-publish date (by about a week), they really should have been cleaned up before hand.

Technical issues aside, the writing seemed a bit rushed, even clunky at times. The sex scenes especially were awkward, sort of skimmed over, and littered with an array of replacement words, as if the author had tried hard not to say the same thing the same way more than once. Look, there’s only so many ways you can describe the same body part… and the more attempts an author makes to rename that body part on one page, the more obvious it becomes that they’re trying too hard to do so. Coupled with the fact that the “romance” was little more than thinly veiled erotica… well, it made the sex scenes sound awkward and not genuine.

Don’t get me wrong though, for all the nitpicky roll-my-eyes moments that the book gave me, it was actually an entertaining read. I really liked the main character and her strange, talkative and humorous voice. She made the narrative fun and surprising, and it was nice seeing a book of this particular genre trying to throw in some humor. I also liked that the main character was a bit of an underdog, and though she wasn’t a skinny, beautiful, sex-bomb like her roommate, she was able to hold her own and eventually learn to appreciate herself—even if she wasn’t perfect.

While not the end all, be all of a romance novel, this was a short, easy read that kept me entertained—and there’s not much more I can ask for. It certainly had it’s fair share of problems, but I’m willing to give it a little leeway because this is a new author. It’ll be interesting to see how the author’s work will evolve as time goes on. Though the book isn’t going to be for everyone, it makes a great light read for someone looking for something fun to devour in a few hours… just try not to take the typos seriously.

TGIF. Seriously.

Wow what a long week it’s been! Or at least it seems that way. It also seems like I got absolutely nothing done – even though I know that isn’t true. So to update you guys on the hell that has been my week:

I called my landlord on Tuesday to get my Air Conditioning turned on because it was hot and humid and just plain yucky. I also had a suspicious looking black stain wandering its way across my ceiling in the bathroom, which I assumed was some sort of water leak. So, they agreed to send someone out first thing the next morning… and my hellish week began.

I “spring cleaned” my entire house in the matter of just hours. I vacuumed, did laundry, dishes, mopped, threw out trash, rearranged furniture… My house was goddamn spotless. Except one load of dishes that I scowled at Tuesday night. I was so exhausted I literally threw up my hands and shouted “I’m done!” and walked away.

Wednesday morning I woke up with huge purple bruises on my arms (where I’d dropped a heavy box while cleaning), tired, and sore – but with the comfort of knowing at least I’d have my AC turned on that day. Unfortunately it was also freezing. I hate you weather. Anyways, I turned on some Netflix, knowing there was no way I was going to get any work done if I had workmen at my house all day fixing things, and I settled down for a very long day. By nearly noon, I still hadn’t heard from the workmen or my landlord.

Finally, after lunch, they called to ask when I would be home. I told them I’d been there all day waiting for them, but I’d be leaving at 3pm.  “oh.” They said…. and promptly hung up. An hour later, the workmen finally showed up, got my ACs working, and then stood in my bathroom looking up at the large dark stain on the ceiling. The guy looked up, poked the ceiling with a finger, and responded: “Yah, I don’t know what that is.” and left.


Yes really. He didn’t even try to investigate it. By now I was rather angry and irritated, so I called my landlord up to let them know what the plumbers had said so at the very least, they couldn’t blame me if the ceiling fell in due to a water leak that I’d already warned them about. They weren’t happy either. my landlord called the plumber, and the plumber said “it was old water damage from the previous AC” that they’d just replaced two weeks ago….. the water damage didn’t exist before they’d replaced the AC.. so … no. Anyways, to make a long story a tad bit shorter, I agreed to call my landlord and let them know if the stain gets worse, but otherwise nothing’s being done about it. Never mind the fact I probably have toxic mold growing in my walls now.

*sigh*. So, the rest of my week I’ve been finishing up my cleaning, planning to bake some more cookies, and mostly sitting around watching netflix and de-stressing. I haven’t read a single book (though I’ve been given several recently that I need to get around to). I have also been consciously ignoring my DeviantART inbox even though I see several notes in it labeled “Commission!”. I’ll get around to them over the weekend. I just.. need to breathe for a few days.

My house wants to kill me.

I hope everyone else had a lovely week :3 No, you can’t have my cookies! NOM. I may have had too much coffee this morning trying to compensate for my exhausted state.