The Missing Year…

Hello ladies and gentlemen of blogland! I know, I know, it’s been awhile. Almost an entire year to be exact. So what’s up? Where have I been? Well, to be honest, I was super busy this past year. I moved just days before Christmas last year, which was crazy and exciting, and awesome – but it meant that I had to take some time off to organize my life, move everything I owned, and get my family back into a sort of routine.  We started homeschool for the year, and that involved a gigantic hands-on science project.

20181213_203407We started breeding fish, aquatic snails, and insects… and it took over our life. We went from having zero fish tanks, to having 17, four daphnia cultures, 150 betta fish, a couple hundred snails, guppies, beetles, worms, springtails…. it was nuts, and it took a lot of time and hard work to care for it all. We learned a lot, we started up a YouTube channel to share our journey, and it’s still going strong.

But it ate our life.

We had some family members pass, my daughter started High school, and I did some copyediting jobs. There wasn’t a lot of free-time involved. I even broke a finger and a foot. I didn’t have a lot of time to read, watch TV, or even hang out with friends. We had a blast – don’t get me wrong, but I’m glad to say that I’m back. My goal for this upcoming year is to better schedule my life and accomplish more, and in that vein:

Hi! I’m back. So let’s get started.

Kohaku2Free Fiction Fridays, as always, fall on Friday – and luckily I was able to keep up with them decently well this past year. That will continue into 2019. Same time, same place. Book reviews are being picked back up, and should fall on Mondays and Wednesdays – so keep your eye out. I’ve already gotten the next two weeks read, reviewed, and scheduled to go. I have a year’s worth of review requests sitting in my inbox that I haven’t looked at, but I will be sorting through shortly—so as long as you followed my procedures for putting in a review request, I should be getting around to picking through them in the next few days.  I may, or may not share some pictures and stories with what’s going on with my family in the upcoming weeks (weekend wrap ups!), so keep an eye out.

I’d like to get more writing done this year, more art, and continue on with YouTube, this blog, and reading/copyediting as I have in years past. We’ll see what we can get accomplished!

A Character Portrait: Safiya

A Character Portrait: A brief peek into the lives of the characters of my fantasy novel, “Khet”, and what makes my characters tick.


It may seem a bit counter productive to first do a character portrait article of my main male lead, Leander, and then move on to a relatively minor character, Safiya, but Safiya’s story is one that needs to be told.

When “Khet” is finished and published and posted all over the internet, I have no doubt in my mind that Safiya will be one of the most hated characters in my series. After all, she’s the first villain Khet encounters in my novel.

Safiya is one of Khet’s older sisters—in fact, she’s the closest in age to Khet—a mere 5 years older. It may seem odd that Khet’s older sister is a Villain in my story… until one takes a closer look at Safiya’s life. More than anything, Safiya is a tragic character. She was only five when she witnessed the birth of her younger sister, Khet—only five when she learned that Khet wasn’t like the rest of her family… only five when she witnessed her mother’s betrayal. Unlike so many of Khet’s rather large family, Safiya was present when her mother betrayed their father with a Felnatherin lord—and from that moment forward she both hated her mother, and more so, Khet.

From the moment Khet is born, their lives become a waiting game—waiting to be found out and killed by the Felnatherin who actively hunt down half-breeds. Safiya and her siblings are forced to lie to everyone they know and pretend that Khet is blind so that she will never have to reveal her eye color. Because of her false handicap, Safiya spends her early life babysitting Khet, keeping her out of trouble, leading her around, doing chores for her, and all the while keeping her secret. Most of these are minor irritations to Safiya. The real kicker comes when Safiya is 16 and finally old enough to pass through the village’s maturation ritual.

For one day, the young men and women of the villages surrounding the valley come together to become adults in the eyes of their people. They test their bravery, strength, and agility… and at the end of the ceremony, they pair off with the boy or girl they have chosen to bind themselves to for life. Unfortunately, not all goes as planned for Safiya.

At the end of her first ceremony, she is rejected. In the eyes of the valley people, her family is tainted. Already two members have been blind (Khet and her half-breed grandmother Sana), and so Safiya is passed over. For another five years, she is considered a child, and in those five years, Safiya’s resentment of her younger sister festers.

The tragedy of Safiya is that all she’s ever wanted in life was to start a family of her own. She loves children. For five years, she bides her time, and when Khet finally turns 16, she gets her last shot. Her people are only allowed to go through the maturation ceremony twice… if she hasn’t gained a husband by the end of it, then she never will. She will ultimately remain a child in the eyes of her people for the rest of her life. Unfortunately for Safiya, the life she wants just isn’t to be.

During the second ceremony, Safiya is chosen for a bride—the crowning moment for the hopeful girl. For a few short moments, she is relieved and ecstatic. She’ll finally be able to leave her family, and Khet behind—but her joy doesn’t last long.

Khet is discovered by Leander, and it comes to light that Khet’s family have been harboring a half-breed Felnatherin. Safiya’s hope and life are stripped away. Her family are destined to become attendants to Leander and will never be permitted to marry or have children—a ruling put in place to prevent further half-breeds from being born. Safiya is understandably, devastated. One moment she is set to become married and start her new life, the next, she becomes a slave to a Felnatherin lord, and her sister, Khet, is promoted to pretending to be a Felnatherin lady. Safiya, as you can imagine, is livid.

From this point on, Safiya’s life becomes one tainted with tragedy, madness, and murder. Unable to deal with the hand she’s been dealt in life, Safiya drowns her youngest sibling and attempts to do the same to another. In her mind, ending the children’s lives will save them from the tragedy of living a life like hers. She believes that she is being kind, rescuing them from a life spent in servitude. That isn’t how everyone sees it.

As punishment, Safiya’s face is mutilated, she is imprisoned, and she is kept captive for the remainder of her life. Every second she spends from that night forward she spends devising ways to make Khet’s life a living hell.

From the reader’s, and most of the character’s POVs, Safiya is a villain. She’s the selfish, mad sister who tries to murder her own family, and hates Khet for no reason other than she was born… but that isn’t how she appears to Khet, and that isn’t how she appears to me either. Like Khet, I see Safiya for what she is: a tragedy.

Khet is well aware that her existence has robbed Safiya of the life she’s always wanted. Like no other character in the book, Khet sympathizes with her older sister… to a point. Everything Safiya wants in life is taken away by her younger sister and the betrayal of their family perpetrated by their mother. Her life is a never-ending chain of misfortune and there comes a point when Safiya simply can no longer tolerate her own pain.

On the night that Safiya attempts to murder her younger siblings, Khet looks in Leander’s eyes and pleads for Safiya’s life to be spared. It may be one of the most telling moments of Safiya’s short life. As much as Safiya hates Khet, Khet in turn loves her. Khet is the only character in the book who truly sees Safiya for who she is and accepts her despite her flaws.

I can’t hate Safiya. Despite being cast as a villain in my story, she’s one of my favorite characters. I know readers are going to loathe her—I set it up that way… but I can’t help but hold a soft spot in my heart for this tragic character. Most readers will miss the parts of Safiya that make her such an exceptional character. Because Khet’s story is told from various POV’s, most of which hate Safiya, the reader’s view of her will be tainted in a way that can’t be avoided, and perhaps, that is the larger tragedy… for even outside of her fictional universe, Safiya will forever stand in the shadow of her younger sister.

Other Tidbits

Safiya’s name is Arabic and means “Pure”–which is strangely fitting considering in my novel, Safiya is the one character who strongly wants to get married and have children, and is unable to. She remains a virgin throughout her life and had Khet never been born, would have been an outstanding person overall. She has a big heart and a genuine love of children. Sadly, this version of Safiya doesn’t last.

During the course of “Khet”, we see Safiya grow up between the ages of 5 to 21 in the first book of the series. She is 1/8th Felnatherin.

As Summer Draws To An End…

Hello ladies and gentlemen of blogland! Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. As predicted, summer was a hectic season for me. There were family logistics, jobs, health, Disney World plans… and as if that weren’t enough, I decided “Spring Cleaning” pertained to all of summer, and went spastic on my house. My kitchen has been spotless for WEEKS. It’s a new thing. I also got it in my head somewhere along the line that instead of feeding my family out of boxes, I was going to start cooking every meal from scratch. What started as a 2 week experiment became a summer-long life-style change. (Unfortunately this lead to way more dishes needing to be washed too. bleh!) I also decided, after stepping onto a scale one day and realizing it was time to do something about my health, that I was going to start trying to eat healthier and exercise more (as I used to do but gave up because I’m lazy). I’m happy to report that I’m down 10 inches and 12 lbs in the past three weeks, but it’s definitely a process I’m still getting used to.

Obviously, life has been very busy the past few months, and I didn’t have a lot of time to read books let alone write reviews – especially with my family home for the summer on top of all the other things I’d taken on. (Did I mention I also crocheted a king-sized blanket? No?) Whew! Now that summer is winding down though, I’m ready to hop back into doing reviews on a bi-weekly basis. I’ve gotten a few reviews saved up and ready to go starting August 25th (which by the way, is also my birthday!), so keep your eyes peeled for the new posts coming up.  I hope everyone has had a spectacular summer! I used to think summer meant vacation…. I’m starting to think the school year seemed less chaotic.

Kindle Notes… A Tool You Need To Know About

Say hello to my desk mascot

As a book reviewer, there are a few tools I tend to keep in my arsenal that have proved invaluable to me since beginning my book-blogging career. One of those is my Kindle Fire of course, but one I’ve never really talked about (and perhaps should) is the Kindle Notes feature.

For those of you who aren’t aware, or who don’t read with an e-reader such as a Kindle or a Nook, the Kindle has a feature that allows you to make notes and comments as well as highlight text (in different colors even!) as you read through your book.

This seems like a rather innocuous feature. I’ll admit, when I first got my Kindle Fire, I had no idea why anyone would even bother taking notes on a book they were reading. I’d heard several people mention that they occasionally made highlights or notes… but I really had no idea what that meant. ‘Do these notes get shared on the internet with other readers?’ I wondered… and yes, it turns out, you can share them on some books—but it only occurred to me later as I was doing book reviews how valuable the Notes feature really was.

A few weeks ago (okay, maybe we’re talking months at this point) I sat down one weekend and read through five books in a series (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare!) I was engrossed, and before I knew it, I’d polished off the complete series. Unfortunately, at the time I was also rather busy with being sick and dealing with the Christmas holiday season… so like the lazy person I sometimes am, I made myself a sticky-note at my desk to remember and write some reviews about the books at a later date. I’d still remember the books in a few days. Right?

I was so very wrong. The holidays, and my illness dragged on for ages, and by the time I finally got around to writing those reviews (I’m still in the middle of them) I could no longer remember the books. It wasn’t that I couldn’t remember if the books were good. I know they were. I even remember that the last two are my favorite.  The problem lies in distinguishing what happened in the books as individual events. I remember who died and what events took place…but not what book they took place in.  As some of you can probably imagine, it’s very difficult to write a book review if you can’t remember what happened in the book.

As a book reviewer, I sometimes read through an egregious amount of books in a very short time period. (I’ve read 8 in the past three days) This has lead to the very useful, but sometimes unfortunate side effect that my brain tends to wipe it’s memory clean of a story after 24 hours.

So, to remedy this problem, I’ve spent the last few days skimming back over the pages of each of the five books page-by-page in an effort to separate the events in my mind and remind myself what I liked, and didn’t like, about each book. Here’s where the Notes come in:

If you’re a book reviewer, take notes. Highlight grammatical errors, funny dialogue, or brilliant scenes. Make comments as ideas and events strike you. There is nothing more valuable to someone who needs to write a 2k word article on a book than to be able to look back at your notes and skim for topics, names, and events to talk about. Sometimes your love or hate of the book can change from chapter to chapter, and it’s great to be able to look back and figure out where things started to change.

I’ve begun to make it a habit now to always write notes and highlight as I read through stories – and sometimes my comments are snarky, sarcastic, and hilarious shouts of fan-girl glee—but they’re always something tangible I can go back to in order to remind myself of some of my favorite, and least favorite, parts of each book.

I’m curious to know from other reviewers out there how, why, and if they use the highlight and notes features of their e-reader… and if you don’t, (or if you read hardcopies), I’d love to know if you’ve ever considered making notes, or if you have some other trick to reminding yourself. For me, it’s definitely a huge time-saver (and memory-saver!), and I know I’ll be making more of an effort in the future to continue to use this feature—if only to save myself the hours of skimming needed to replace those notes when I inevitably put off a review for another several weeks. I’m lazy. I can admit it.

I will defeat you Khet *shakes fist*

I did not end this day the way I expected to. I started off this morning intending to do… nothing, basically. It’s Sunday and Sunday in my family is the one day of the week when everyone gets together for a family meal that lasts practically from breakfast till dinner. In years past this has been a non-negotiable event that takes the majority of the day. I’ve been able to weasel my way slowly out of it over the last couple years, and now it’s my day to sit undisturbed and spend some time to myself. Usually I use this time to catch up on laundry and dishes or to read a book. *thumbs up*. Today, I did nothing of the sort.

Instead, I got up this morning and said “Cary, that’s enough of that bull-crap. You said you were going to get a book published this year, and you are woefully behind. Get to work!” So, I set aside my TBR list (which is huge by the way) for a day and sat down to do something I literally haven’t done in years: An outline. You see, I’m severely OCD. I’m not talking about being obsessed with organizing (though I am) We’re talking about a person who when she was little used to turn doorknobs, flip light switches, and blink a certain amount of times in order to balance the world out. Yah, that sort of crazy. I’m not as bad as when I was little anymore, most of my OCD shows itself in the way I’m obsessed with shredding random things into miniscule pieces on my desk, my inability to sit still, my obsession with organizing and being thorough, and an infrequent need to repeat words containing the “ih” sound. Yah, I’m still weird. Moving along.

When I was a teenager I used to spend weeks outlining stories. The problem was, I’d get so incredibly obsessed with “getting it right” (thank you OCD!) that I could never actually get to the writing part. So, to avoid my OCD, I became a pantster. It was great. It really was. For once I could get dozens of chapters done in a week without looking back. I made a ton of progress and all was right in the world.

Until I ran into a part of my story where I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Without an outline  I’d really only half-figured out my story, and when I got to the point where I didn’t know what came next… I stalled. I started to review what I had, and started to nitpick and go a little crazy about perfecting what I had.

So, this morning when I decided to get to work, I said “Screw you OCD. I’m 29, and you will not keep me from writing this story.” and got to work. I looked up some story formula’s, plotting advice and outlining methods and started to really work out what my story was about.  I’m still only partway into figuring the whole mess out, but my story has drastically changed (for the better) and for once I think I have an idea of how this is going to go. So watch out Khet, you’re about to get a makeover! At least I  feel like I got something accomplished today.

PS: writing with OCD is like being a gerbil on a wheel. You run in circles, the same circles… over and over in an attempt to make each circle better than the last. Sometimes I wish I could just jump off the wheel and dismantle it with a crowbar. Anyone else out there writing with OCD? How on earth do you stop obsessing over the details and perfection? It makes my brain hurt.

Illness Rant & Mission Accomplished!

Wow, I’ve been quiet for a few days and the messages are really starting to pile up (sorry!) It has been just… one of those weeks where things just seem to spiral out of hand. So, I thought I’d do a quick check in.

I’ve got 3 book reviews waiting to be posted (that I just can’t be bothered with at this exact moment). I promise they’re coming… maybe tomorrow.  I came down with some kind of cold over the weekend (which is eating me alive) and then proceeded to give it to my fuzzy baby (aka cat) who has been sneezing all day. Poor Imhotep! As a consequence I’ve been running a fever and have been completely exhausted for the past couple of days…but can’t seem to sleep. It’s like being on a sugar high after being awake for four days straight. So. Tired.

On the upside of things, however, I have FINALLY finished sorting out my books. It’s DONE. *cheers* That was the most tedious task I have ever undertaken. I almost don’t know what to do with myself now after working on it every waking moment of the day for the last few weeks.

Um… I forgot what I was going to talk about. I’m really tired guys. LOL I desperately need some sleep and some tylenol. The worst part about getting a cold is the subsequent sinus headache/migraine I always seem to acquire. I swear I’ll be okay if I can just get… more than 2 hours of sleep tonight. My brain no longer functions. I’ve literally slept -maybe- 9 hours in 1-2 hour bits over the past four or five days. I barely have the ability to… (lost train of thought)…I can’t think of the word I was going to use to describe what is happening right this second. Wtf. (brain has gone blank). Whatever. I’m going to bed.

If any of you see a sick person sniffling in your direction this week, run. Run for your dear lives.

Wednesday, and what I’ve been up to.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen out there in blog-land. It has been a long summer, and it’s barely even begun. So, because I haven’t posted in a few days, I thought I’d check in and let everyone know what I’m up to.

First thing’s first: At the start of summer, my Wacom broke. I’m an artist, and I need my Wacom, so this was a fairly large event. At the time I already had several commissions lined up (but thankfully not paid for yet!) and so not having a Wacom was somewhat like getting a forced, unwelcome vacation. For unknown reasons, one day my Wacom simply wouldn’t pick up my pen. I freaked out, reinstalled the drivers, and rebooted. Subsequently, my Wacom decided it would pick up the pen, but read all pen movement as clicking when I tried to paint. (Outside of my paint program it worked fine.) Again, I reinstalled drivers and rebooted. My wacom now works just fine in my paint program and outside the paint program… except it has no pressure sensitivity–which, I need.

W. T. F. is wrong with you Wacom?!

I’m still trying to figure it out. Meanwhile, I can’t do any art, and so my income has dwindled to nothing… since I make the entirety of my income on selling artwork commissions. Yay! *raises little black flag of sarcasm and twirls it around* I am continuing to try and fix my tablet, but meanwhile I’m enjoying my forced vacation from art (I needed a break I suppose), and if I can somehow not manage to have it fixed by September, I’ll probably have to cough up the money to buy a new one, somehow.

Meanwhile, I have managed to make a HUGE dent to organizing my e-book library (despite my inability to avoid downloading new books daily). I’ve sorted all but 2,200 of my 9,700 E-books. *thumbs up*. You guys really have no idea how traumatic and tedious this experience has been. I’ve literally loaded every single e-book to make sure it’s not corrupt, re-download those that are, done some legally questionable things to fix them so I can read them both on my Kindle and on my PC (cause it’s stupid that I can’t read a book I legally bought on any one of my reading devices I so choose). Ahem. Then, I run a search for the ISBN’s, meta data, cover art, and synopsis, compile all of that information into the book’s first three pages, remove the table of contents (because I hate them), reconvert the multitude of formats to azw3 (so my kindle can read it in a format that looks nice), and then sort by my own self-made genre’s that make sense. (because I’m tired of opening up a book and having it tagged by historical dates, character’s name, and 30 other tags that don’t matter).

Needless to say, it’s been an ordeal, and hopefully something I only have to do once.

Aside from that, I’ve spent most of my summer doing laundry by hand and hanging it out in my yard to dry (this takes up several hours of each day) because my dryer broke in winter–washing my dishes (also by hand) because my dishwasher broke… also in winter, attempting to work on writing/editing the multitude of my own books (so maybe I can publish sometime in my lifetime), and doing some basic copy-editing and proofreading for various new authors I know who’ve decided my opinion is valid.

I’ve been a busy little Cary to say the least. On the plus side, my financial situation will be changing very shortly, which I’m extremely excited about, and by Christmas time I may finally have the funds to MOVE out of the hell-hole of a house I’ve been living in for the past 7 years, and buy my own house. As a bonus, my family’s debt will be taken care of after years of struggling, and I may actually have money to buy groceries the last two weeks of every month. It’ll be a new experience. I’m desperately hoping to have my own office in the new house I’ll eventually move into so that I can record videos, work on writing, and art in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, due to this change in my financial situation, life will be much MUCH harder for the next three months. I’m going to look at it as a temporary apocalypse and pray for September to hurry up and get here.

Meanwhile, I will continue to blog and do book reviews. I have a few waiting around I need to go ahead and write up, but I’ve spent the past day playing Minecraft to avoid work because I’m stressed out. I promise I’ll get around to it. Minecraft eats my soul. Something about my extreme OCD thrives off the perfectly cube-shaped world.

I hope everyone’s having a great week so far and is getting more done than I am. I look forward to posting again this Friday with another Free Fiction Friday post–which everyone seems to look forward to (based on the amount of page views I seem to get near the weekend). I may even do something special one day soon and give out some self-made blog awards. I’m 1 follower away from having my first 100 followers (blog only and not related to twitter, facebook, etc) so I’d like to celebrate the milestone with a special post.

See you guys soon!

Ah June…


A picture of weeds dying in my backyard from lack of water. I love the desert.

It’s 23 minutes past midnight here in El Paso, Texas, and that means it’s June 1st. What does that mean to me?

First, that there’s only one week left of school here, which is awesome, because I walk/jog to the local elementary school (2 mile round trip) every morning and afternoon during the school year. It’s not that bad in the fall and winter, but, living in the Chihuahuan desert, come spring/summer, we’re talking temperatures easily in the 90-100 F range by 10 AM.

Second, it means bug & critter season. Up until yesterday I was feeling pretty high on my horse. Unlike every year before this, I hadn’t seen a single fire ant, cockroach, moth, or scorpion outbreak. It was unusual, because I guarantee you, every year it happens. Last year for unknown reasons we had a moth PLAGUE. On one particular night I counted 27 moths in my house and several hundred just outside my back door. I don’t know where they came from or why they were here, but the past few years, they’ve been steadily growing worse. It’s frightening. I don’t mind moths as a species, but when they’re ricocheting off your ceiling at 2 am, it sure does make it hard to sleep.

Unfortunately, yesterday I woke up to the horrors of spring again. A roach was dead in my bathtub, and it was being mauled into tiny bits by hundreds of ants. They’d come up the tub pipes in the bathroom. Yay spring.  I have since caught (just since yesterday) 7 huge roaches, including the one that crawled under my desk not 10 minutes ago. Little did it know that I’ve had years to train my cats to hunt the little beasties, and as a reward, they get cat treats. It’s very effective. *shudder* I’ve also seen one tale-tell dark brown moth from years past, and now I’m avidly waiting for the rest of them. No scorpions yet, but they’re coming. I know it.

It’s not like my house is particularly filthy either… I just live in the middle of a desert where these little pests have nothing better to eat than the cat food in my kitchen, so like clockwork they move in come spring. I put out bait, roach traps, spray bug barrier.. it makes no difference. The lil beasties will share my home with me until fall, and then they’ll disappear for a blissful 6 months, only to return next spring.

What else does spring bring? A priority change in my workload. Since school is out, I end up babysitting for three months, often multiple children, and that means spending 12 hours a day doing art/blogging/writing isn’t going to happen. You parents out there know this… trying to get -anything- done while a group of kids is poking at you every five minutes is nearly impossible, but I’ll try nevertheless.

What I -need- to do is work on projects that are going to actually get me paid this summer. (as evidenced by this last month where I spent the last week eating a meal a day consisting mostly of tortilla’s turned into peanut butter and jelly burritos cause I didn’t have the funds to go by bread) and water. That means art for the most part. What I -want- to do is write. I have horribly neglected my writing the last few months, and the year seems to be passing me by at a frightening rate. Unfortunately for me, it’s one or the other. I have to balance the two and decide which is more important to me for the summer, because it’s going to be impossible to get any work done on both. Art takes too much time (often 9-14 hours straight-through for once piece spread over 3-5 days) to be able to actively handle that, writing, and life in general. I have to sleep and eat and interact with humans at some point. If I write, I want to be able to sit down, undisturbed, and work on my writing/editing for days at a time. I desperately want to do that… but I don’t know that I’ll be able to. It’s frustrating.

Anyways, I shall continue to blog regularly, read, and review books. Why? Because I enjoy it! It’s my one hobby that I don’t feel pressured to work at, and it’s almost calming in my otherwise chaotic day. The one drawback is that means I need to finish “sorting” my digital library.

Remember that post not too long ago about my e-library needing a dewy-decimal system? yah. Out of the nearly 9,000 books I’ve obtained, I’m down to sorting the last 6,600. See, I’ve made progress. One day I will be finished and I can push a button labeled “read a random book” and POOF! It’ll be tagged and have all it’s meta data, and be ready to be transferred to my kindle. Why is this project taking so long? Because I’m going through my library book-by-book, looking up the meta-data, labeling it with title, author, series, custom genre tags (that I actually understand) and the synopsis, then converting it to my kindle’s format, and marking whether I’ve read/reviewed it, and what I rated it at. With all my books, it’s the only feasible way I could think of organizing the monstrosity to keep track of what I’ve already read and what I’m reading when I pick it up. Gone will be the days of picking a random book from my kindle library based on cover and having no idea what it’s about without an extensive google search!

Maybe my OCD is getting the better of me.

Ahem. Anyways, it’s late, and I’m going to endeavor to sleep even though it’s currently in the high 80’s and I’m fully aware that there are giant roaches just waiting for me to turn out the lights. Did you know they can fly? It is the most terrifying thing on Earth.

Is it Friday Again? Seriously?

It is going to be a long day of catch-up. For whatever reason, my WordPress reader has been completely inaccessible for this entire week. It’s finally back up, but that means I have at least a hundred articles to read through in order to catch up. *thumbs up* I’ve also got 3 reviews that are waiting to be posted (I didn’t want to post them while my reader was down, just in case everyone else’s was too). I haven’t decided if I’ll post them all at once or space them out yet. That’s a lot of writing for one day. I also need to get Free Fiction Friday up sometime today.

So I guess, stay tuned. I may be spending my entire day just sitting on WordPress.

On a completely unrelated note, did anyone catch the Geek & Sundry Vlogs hangout last night? No? It was awesome. I got to ask a question, had my name shouted out by Felicia Day, and subsequently, everyone talked about the zombie apocalypse for 10 minutes. The geek in me squealed.

I Took Friday Off – A Rant.

Well, I may as well have. This week was one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right. I got sick over the weekend, so I felt like crap for most of the week. My Wacom Tablet I use to draw with decided to die. Only it “sort of” died–more like it went on strike. It completely stopped responding, and when I finally got it to respond, it refused to work in the only program that matters: SAI, which is my paint program. Thank you Wacom.

So for now, my commissions are on hold, redlines I was doing are on hold… and then mid-week my internet went out. Only it wasn’t just my internet – it was my cable too. Apparently Time Warner Cable had a cable break somewhere along the line. It’s fixed now, thank goodness, but just in time for a massive hail/rain/thunder storm that rolled in this afternoon. I’m waiting for my lights to go out…because when you live in an old decrepit house, someone breathing too hard can send the lights out.

Yah, it’s been one of those weeks.

So for now, I’m going to take the weekend, rest, read some books, play some games, and catch up on laundry so I can roll up my sleeves and get to fixing things next week. *thumbs up*