Book Review: The Lost Knight

reviewcover-the lost knightTitle: The Lost Knight [Lost Knight 1]

Author: Candy Atkins

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy

Rating: 1 Star (DNF)



How am I supposed to save the world when I’m not strong, not brave, not smart, and not particularly good at most things?

I ran away from home the day after my thirteenth birthday when Auntie and her weird friend attacked me. Now I’m on the run with the Grim Reaper and a scary soldier. And I’m no longer on Earth.

They were expecting me to be a Knight. The savior that’s supposed to stop a war and prevent the invasion to Earth. But I’m not. They grabbed the wrong girl. I just don’t know how to tell them.


I couldn’t get into The Lost Knight by Candy Atkins. Although I liked the narrative voice that was used and the main character seemed interesting, something was bugging me about it as I read.

First, was the author’s penchant for arbitrarily skipping time without notice. You could be in three different locations anywhere from 2 minutes to 8 hours apart from sentence to sentence without a line break. There was no warning, no lead-up, just a sudden jump that made reading feel like stumbling through a rocky field.

The second, and more bothersome issue was the complete lack of atmosphere to the writing. The author skimmed over environments and situations with the bare minimum of details. This made it difficult to get absorbed into the story. It didn’t feel grounded or real without some sense of detail.

It would be easy to say that – hey, this is a middle grade book, it’s meant for children – and cut it some slack… but I’ve read a lot of middle grade books that were indistinguishable from their adult counterparts in writing quality. This book just wasn’t at that level yet. If you are a true middle grade reader, I’d say, give it a try. You may enjoy it more than an adult reader. If, however, you are an adult… maybe pass this one up.