Book Review: Into The Flames

review-cover-into the flamesTitle: Into The Flames [Firehouse Fourteen 4]

Author: Lisa B. Kamps

Genre: Romance, Contemporary

Rating: 5 Stars



Dale Gannon has sworn off women. He’s seen more than his share of crazy and not all of it has been during his job as a firefighter. His youngest sister, Lindsay, is currently in jail awaiting trial for the attempted poisoning of his other sister, Lauren. Guilt still eats at him, making him wonder if there was something he could have done to prevent Lindsay’s fall. Could he have been more supportive? More encouraging? What if…no, he was done with what-ifs. Done with women. Done with people, period. What he needs is peace, quiet…and time to come to grips with everything that’s happened in the last six months.

And then he meets the neighbor from hell: a sassy free-spirited woman who quickly turns his life upside down.

Melanie Reeves has always seen things differently, viewing life as an array of color. Bright and vibrant, dark and moody. She captures them, breathes them, gives life to them on canvas. But her obnoxious neighbor is a mystery, one she can’t solve, one she can’t even read clearly—and one she tries her best to ignore.

Until she discovers the deep guilt that plagues him—guilt he won’t admit to or even acknowledge. Can she help him find his way to the surface before the darkness completely engulfs the inner vibrancy she senses in him? Or will he drag her with him into the flames, where they both run the risk of losing who they really are?


I love a good romance read—it’s one of my favorite genres—and this, by no means, was any exception. The book was wonderfully well written. I didn’t run into any grammar problems, typos, or other technical errors. The narrative was clean and flowed smoothly from beginning to end at a nice pace that was neither too slow nor too fast. I have no complaints.

The characters were interesting and dynamic, though I’ll admit, Dale was by far my favorite of the two main characters. Melanie, though artistic and spunky, just wasn’t my cup of tea. I couldn’t get a real handle on her strange penchant for seeing… well, I guess the closest thing word would be “aura’s”. She saw people’s moods as colors, and while it fit her artistic personality… I guess I kind of viewed her as a bit spacey and odd. Dale, on the other hand, was a solid character. He had some definite baggage and issues to work through, but despite those problems, he never came across as needlessly brooding or angry as I’d expected.

The romance between the characters was steamy, and complicated, and full of humorous moments that made it a pure joy to read. I loved the use of the nicknames for the characters, and how those little endearments soon became part of a complication for the couple. Overall, I loved it. It was a solid, quick read, and I have no major complaints about it. If you like Steamy romance with some humor thrown in, you’re probably going to enjoy this book. I definitely did!