Book Review: My Royal Temptation

review-cover-my royal temptationTitle: My Royal Temptation [Arrogant Heirs 1]

Author: Riley Pine, Jessa Rose

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 2 Stars



I will never love.

I will not marry.

Happily ever after doesn’t exist in my kingdom.

I’m Prince Nikolai, Duke of Westcraven and heir apparent to the Edenvale throne. I’ve got rock hard abs, live hard, and f**k even harder. Life is a nonstop party until my father and evil stepmother hire Kate Winter, a prim and proper matchmaker, and give me an ultimatum: marry by my twenty-ninth birthday or they’ll hand my crown to the banished brother who once a betrayed me.

There’s no way in hell I’ll give my heart to any woman.

Because you cannot give what is broken beyond repair.

But what hides beneath Kate Winter’s ice queen exterior is a fiery redhead who likes it hot. She may have a sharp tongue in the throne room, but oh the things that tongue can do when no one else is looking.

That’s why I didn’t see it coming–Kate Winter enticing me, body and soul. Now she’s the only woman I want–and according to Royal Law, the woman forbidden to be my queen.

But I’m sure as hell no Prince Charming, and I’ve never been good at following rules.


This book genuinely made me angry. I don’t often say that about a book, but in this case, it’s true. The story started off with an arrogant prince that was condescending, narcissistic, and womanizing. The main female lead was naïve and innocent, and if anything, the setup for their relationship was the best part of this book. It should have been an easy win for the author…

But the story was completely ruined by the execution. It was bad. Really bad. Everything about this book was unbelievable to the point of being absurd. Every time I thought “this can’t possibly get worse”, it did.

At one point there was a cut scene where the evil stepmother queen is declaring treason against the prince while standing outside a hospital room where the female lead’s grandmother is dying (having somehow known that the prince and the main female lead were there… even though the female lead had been “dead” just 15 minutes before in a dungeon—AND they’d snuck out unseen with the help of the mysterious unnamed bodyguard.) The press is there (who even had time to call them, let alone how did they get there so quickly?), and I just sat back and said… “what is this bull****?” It was nonsense. Don’t even get me started on the magical-lake-trial-of-true-love or how a kiss somehow bypassed poison… or the total Romeo & Juliet knock-off vibes of the dungeon scene.

*Takes deep, calming breaths*. In all seriousness, this book read like an erotica novel penned by a first-time author dabbling in fan-fiction living out their middle-school fantasies. I expected so much more from a book by this publisher. I hated this book, possibly more than any other romance book I’ve ever read. I feel like my time was wasted and I am incredibly disappointed. The book was poorly constructed, and frankly, I feel a bit insulted that the publisher tried to pass this off as a quality romantic read. I would not recommend this book to anyone.