Book Review: The Last Windwitch

reviewcover- the last windwitchTitle: The Last Windwitch

Author: Jennifer Adam

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Rating: 5 Stars



This delightfully classic middle grade fantasy debut, perfect for fans of Serafina and the Black Cloak and The Book of Boy, follows an unlikely young witch as she discovers that she is the key to saving her kingdom.

Brida is content in her small village of Oak Hollow. There, she’s plenty occupied trying to convince her fickle magic to do what it’s meant to in her work as a hedgewitch’s apprentice—until she accidentally catches the attention of the wicked queen.

On the run from the queen’s huntsman and her all-seeing Crow spies, Brida discovers the truth about her family, her magic, and who she is destined to be—and that she may hold the power to defeating the wicked queen and setting the kingdom right again.


The Last Windwitch by Jennifer Adam is a delightful Middle-Grade Fantasy, perfect for both children and adults alike. The story follows the young Brida, an orphan raised as an apprentice to a Hedgewitch – the only problem being that she isn’t very good at being an apprentice Hedgewitch. She’s terrible at identifying plants, and nothing she brews up ever seems to work correctly. The book follows her journey of self-discovery as old secrets and magics unfurl, and the little witch finds herself pitted against an evil Queen. The book is filled with magic, mystery, fantastical creatures, looming undead creatures, and one little girl struggling to find her place in the world.

I found the world-building engaging, the writing clear and easy to follow, and the characters delightful (well, all except a certain evil queen). I found myself pulled into the world of The Last Windwitch right away, and the story leapt along at a quick sprint without ever feeling rushed. If you enjoy Middle-Grade Fantasy, or stories that have that fairy-tale feel without being overly familiar, I highly recommend you pick up this little gem of a book. You won’t regret it.