Book Review: Forget Me Not

cover-review-forget me notTitle: Forget Me Not [Loveless and Dunn 3]

Author: Erika Marks

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 4 (4.5) Stars




When aspiring-writer Mallory Reynolds packed up for New York City, she ditched more than her quiet hometown of Magnolia Bay—she left her high-school sweetheart, Josh Loveless, behind. But when the big city didn’t deliver big contracts on her novels, she turned to writing erotica under the pen name Farrah Ivory to spare her family any embarrassment. Soon, her scandalously-sexy series, The Lost Diaries of Scarlet, is a break-out hit. Just as Mallory begins to enjoy her sweet success, her publisher leaks her true identity and a media firestorm ensues. Exposed, she decides there’s nowhere to hide—except for home.

For Josh Loveless, getting over Mallory Reynolds hasn’t been easy, but he’s done his best to move on. For starters, he’s turned his love of the outdoors and rock-climbing into his own business. And just as things are starting to settle for him, he learns Mallory’s coming home to ride out her scandal, and suddenly his world is turned upside down again…

Can Mallory convince her friends and family that she’s still the same good-hearted girl they knew? And more importantly, can Josh trust the woman she’s become, and give her a second chance to rewrite their love story with a happy ending?


I sincerely enjoyed Forget Me Not by Erika Marks—in fact, I’m somewhat disappointed that I couldn’t give it a full five stars. I very nearly did, right up until the very end of the book… but we’ll get into that in a moment.

Technically speaking, the writing was exceedingly well done. There weren’t any typos, awkward sentences, or narrative blunders. The story moved along at a pleasant pace, and the characters felt well fleshed out—even the one-off characters that only appeared for a scene or two.

Both Josh and Mallory seemed like solid, grounded characters. They didn’t make rash decisions or throw melodramatic hissy fits. Their relationship felt real though it could be rather awkward at times. I’m usually not a huge fan of romances where the characters begin their relationship off-screen; I like to watch the characters develop their relationships and battle their physical attraction, but I didn’t mind it this time. Despite starting the story late in their relationship, their love for each other felt natural; it was obvious and convincing in a way that I sometimes feel a lot of romances lack.

As a reader and sometimes writer of the erotic/romance genres myself, I found it fascinating that in the book, Mallory was an erotic fiction writer. It was interesting to see how she handled the fame and subsequent embarrassment that comes along with making a living writing sex and romance. She faced some very serious issues and had to figure out how to handle life back in her hometown once everyone was made aware of her somewhat unusual claim to fame…and she probably handled it much better than I would have!

The only real negative that stuck out to me with Forget Me Not, and the main reason I marked it down to 4 stars rather than 5, was the ending. It felt… rushed, I guess is the word I’m looking for. The story had a nice, slow lead up as the characters began to try and untangle the mess of their relationship and figure out where they stood with one another, and then in what seemed like a split second, everything was resolved. I think I would have still given it five stars, except at that point, the book felt finished… but instead of ending, the story continued on for a few more minutes past that point. It’s hard to explain, and though I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that the romance didn’t end with your typical marriage, engagement, or pregnancy announcement, it felt… wrong for the story to end mid-start into another scene. It felt as if the story should have ended just a bit earlier.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. Had it not been for the odd structure of the ending, I wouldn’t have anything to complain about. If you’re looking for a nice, clean, and endearing contemporary romance, this is going to be perfect for you. If you’re looking for something a little more steamy… you may want to keep looking. Mallory’s fictional erotica novel contained more naughtiness than Forget Me Not—but it was still a good, solid read.

Book Review: Forget Me Not

Review-Cover-Forget Me Not

Title: Forget Me Not [Ceruleans 2]

Author: Megan Tayte

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 5 Stars




Death is stalking Scarlett Blake. As if the encroaching darkness in her head wasn’t enough, she’s become disturbingly accident prone. Falling off a cliff isn’t ideal when all you want is as much time as possible to live, to love.

Her fate is horrifying. Unbearable. And inescapable. No one can save Scarlett from The End that’s looming. Not Jude, the Cerulean who is intent on Claiming her. Not Luke, the boy who is intent on loving her.

The clock is ticking, louder with every heartbeat. Now Scarlett must decide how best to protect the people she loves. Will she trust in Jude and the life-after-death he promises? Will she stand against the Fallen, who have her sister captive? Will she carry the burden of her death alone – every headache, every hallucination, every wrenching, aching emotion?

And when the clock falls silent, when the darkness eclipses the light, will Scarlett fight for life? Or will she have no choice but to surrender?


Forget Me Not by Megan Tayte is everything I’ve wanted in an indie published book for a long, long time. The writing was excellent; none of that ‘bordering on poetic’ stuff that makes me cringe, no awkwardly worded sentence structures or punctuation mistakes… just solid, easy-to-sink-into writing. The characters felt genuine and logical, not angsty and overly-dramatic like most YA books. Not once did I find myself scowling at a character or rolling my eyes. For a few short hours, I sunk into the world of Scarlett Blake and the journey was breathtaking.

I’ll admit, I was a little afraid going into this book. Immediately after reading the first book in the series, I was contacted by the author with a note of thanks for my review. I was excited to hear back from her and to tell her how much I enjoyed the book—and was then off-my-rocker happy to be offered a chance to read the second book in the series in exchange for another honest review. Well, considering how much I loved the first book, I jumped at the chance. Going into Forget Me Not, I was worried that it wouldn’t hold up to the first book—that happens sometimes with sequels—but I was excited to get even a few more hours in the world of Scarlett, so I dived in.

I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, if anything, I think I enjoyed the second book more. This addition to the Cerulean series was heartbreakingly beautiful. Where the first book focused mainly on the romance between Scarlett and Luke, as well as the mystery surrounding Siena’s death, this book focused mainly on the aftermath of Scarlett’s revelation that she was going to die… and there was nothing she could do about it. I promise I won’t give away too many spoilers, but the story centered on the remaining months of her life… knowing that her time was short and what she chose to do with the time she had left. Even though the plot centered around the supernatural aspect of the Cerulean series, it was hard not to think of Scarlett as an average girl dying from any number of very real causes. The story felt like a peek into the last days of a girl coming to grips with her mortality… and whether her death was permanent or not, it was a very real, very human experience. This book is going to stick with me for a long time.

A lot of mystery still surrounds the Ceruleans. Despite the very heavy main theme, I didn’t feel like the supernatural aspect of the plot was neglected, thankfully, but I don’t know that I’m much closer to figuring out what exactly the Ceruleans are and why Scarlett and her sister have been chosen to become Ceruleans. I still feel like there’s a lot going on that Jude hasn’t given us information about, and with the appearance of Daniel, I feel like I’ve been left with more questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book regardless. In fact, before I started writing this review I had to make myself sit down and chill for about 10 minutes because the very first thing I wanted to type was random exclamations of nonsense followed by “OMGOSH why did it have to end!?” I want more. I love this series so much, and I will forever be grateful to Megan Tayte for providing me with the opportunity to review the first two books of the series. If you’re looking for a good, engaging paranormal romance story… grab these books. You won’t regret it. It’s going on my keeper shelf.