Authors & Reviewers: Free books in exchange for Feedback

This is my “I’m too lazy to post a real article today” article (’cause I haven’t finished reading any books in a few days). In case any of you authors or reviewers out there in blog-land have somehow missed these, I thought I’d share some links today…

The following are links to various websites where authors/publishers can post e-books in exchange for honest reviews from hundreds of different reviewers.¬† Reviewers-you can snag some free books in exchange for a little of your time and review (who doesn’t love free books? especially when all you need to do is share your opinion on them!) So be sure to check these out!¬†

Reviews are great for marketing books, and a helpful way to get feedback from a wide array of people. It’d be silly not to use these opportunities to your advantage.

That’s all for today folks. *salutes* I need to get back to organizing that horrendous e-library of mine. 3,000 down, 5,500 to go! I may be a bit addicted to reading. *pinches fingers together* just a bit.

This Past Weekend


Man was it a long weekend. First off, I won another book in a Goodreads giveaway. This time it was The Tempted Soul by Adina Senft. This isn’t my usual type of book – you’ll notice I don’t read a lot of religious fiction) but I’ll admit a fascination with some of the more conservative¬† down-to-earth groups like the Amish and Hutterites. I think their way of life is fascinating in a way, so when I saw this book floating around the giveaway page, I had to click it. Being agnostic, we’ll see how my views of the book may differ from someone with a more religious background.

I was also able to (finally) get through a couple of books this weekend (check out the Reviews category on my blog to catch up), and received some very lovely feedback from Tom Barry (author of When The Siren Calls). Now, I’m new to this review thing, so you have to forgive my noobishness when it comes to these things, but I certainly appreciate it when an author personally e-mails me after a review. Good or bad, it’s nice to hear back from the person who wrote the book because I know they’re some very busy people – so, when someone takes the time out of their busy schedule to be nothing but pleasant to me, I feel I should share.

That said, my hat goes off to Tom Barry, who e-mailed me TWICE to let me know he’d personally read my review. It was nice to get his perspective on some of the things I’d touched on in the review, and even get some explanations to why certain things were done. I feel like I came away from it with validation for some of my less than pleasant views, but also a greater understanding of why those are the views I walked away with. If nothing else, I am certainly appreciative of a good person when I meet them.

And while we’re on the subject of good people, you guys should really check out this lovely lady: travels with mary who seems to always be taking time out of her day to leave me comments and suggestions. She’s a very friendly, pleasant person and she writes great articles about books and life in general, so be sure to pay her a visit!

Also, keep an eye out for my upcoming review of Vale of Stars by Sean O’Brien. If any of you are fans of science fiction, go look up this book. I’m not even done with it yet and I want to recommend it. If you get a chance to pick up a copy, DO IT. It may not have the greatest cover, but the story is absolutely fascinating. More on that soon – I’m about half way through the book.