Book Review: Water

review-cover-waterTitle: Water [Water 1]

Author: Emory Gayle

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Rating: 3 Stars



Cora Reed and Darrien Locke are both haunted by the night Cora’s twin sister drowned. Seven years later, having never actually met, their paths cross, sparking a chain of events that will change both their lives forever.

The last thing that Cora Reed wanted was to fall in love. But this water phobic couldn’t have prepared herself for Darrien Locke, ‘the lord of the abs’ swim instructor at Camp Titus. Unknown to Cora, is the true reason she’s been asked to work there. Mysterious things begin to happen to her, plunging her already torn world into chaos. Only one thing remains steady…Darrien. But he’s not at all what he seems.

Darrien’s sole mission is to return the long lost princess to her father ASAP. Unfortunately, his job has become…complicated. When the mouthy bad tempered princess is nothing like what he was expecting, this work obsessed, emotionally void guard falls hard for the one girl he can never have.

Darrien must help Cora discover who she really is, before a power in the deep rises. But, to do that…Darrien will have to sacrifice his love for Cora and do the unthinkable.


Honestly, Water by Emory Gayle was a bit of a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, it was a very interesting story, but on the other, the execution sometimes lacked.

As far as the technical side of things went the book had some pretty obvious flaws. There were a lot of typos. I found problems with tense, spelling, omitted words, and even improper grammar. They were obvious mistakes that could have and should have been cleaned up before publication, and since the author e-mailed me specifically to make sure I had the up-to-date edited copy, I was kind of surprised by how many technical errors I still found.

That aside, there were times that the pace of the book, especially concerning the romance, that seemed rushed, and I think that because of it, there were times when the narrative voice and dialogue of the characters came off as overly dramatic and unrealistic.

that isn’t to say that it was all bad, though. I liked the characters, the world building, the plot…. so many parts of the story. I got sucked into the book and read the entire thing in a matter of a few short hours. I was entertained, and overall, I did like the book. I just think it was in desperate need of another round with the editor.

I think that if you tend to enjoy YA fantasy or romance, you will probably enjoy this book – just be aware that it is lacking a bit in the technical department.