A Halloween Lullaby

Lmao. Okay. I don’t often write poetry or the like—I’m not a huge fan. However, I ran across this random gem on my computer that I wrote years ago for no particular reason, and I forgot I had it until now. I entitled it only “Lullaby”, but given that Halloween is tomorrow night, it seems fitting to post it now. The file is dated just about six years ago.

Close your eyes and sleep now, child

dream your many dreams

For the world is full of sorrow

and evil, gnarled things

And if you should wake and I am gone

squeeze your eyes tight shut

For in the darkness all around

hungry things do hunt

They hunger for your little toes

and any bit they see

so snuggle under your blankets now

and leave the night to me

If you hear a creak or step

pretend it was the wind

For if they see you peeking out

surely they’ll close in

and when the day has come and gone

and night returns again

remember the warnings I tell you now

or the evil things will win.