Book Review: Under

underTitle: Under

Author: Abigail Blakely

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Mystery

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer’s Note: This book has essentially disappeared from the internet. I was able to find one other reviewer that had a look at it, but it’s not listed on Good Reads or Amazon. I’ve had this review sitting around for more than a year, and have held off on posting it in the hopes it would soon be re-released, but since that hasn’t happened, I’ll post anyway.


I adored Under by Abigail Blakely. From the very beginning, the book caught my interest with the synopsis, but as I sunk deeper into the story, I really began to enjoy the intricacies of Key’s disturbing supernatural world and the mystery of what had become of the people who inhabited the Under.

The romances were a fun mix of sweet companionship and sexual tension. The characters were colorful and interesting. The weird supernatural twist of the curse and the mystery of the people’s lives before they came to the Under was enough to keep me reading for hours.  Although sometimes the clues in the mystery were a little obvious, I think overall it was a solid read. I only ran into a handful of very negligible typos–and nothing that would stop me from reading further.

If you enjoy supernatural mysteries, ghost stories, and romances, I recommend you pick this book up. It’s a unique story that is well written.