Book Review: 10 Step Plan To Promote Your Book

review-cover-10stepplantopromoteyourbookTitle: 10 Step Plan To Promote Your Book

Author: Scott Hughes

Genre: Non-Fiction, How-To, Marketing

Rating: 3 Stars



In 10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book, Scott Hughes provides valuable advice for self-published authors and small publishers.

The plan works on any budget. It works for the wealthy busy professional as well as for the struggling artist short on funding.


I don’t normally review non-fiction. Usually, it’s either because I’m simply not interested in the topic, or I don’t feel that I’m knowledgeable enough on the topic to spot when an author is outright lying to their readers (as often happens in non-fiction I’ve learned), but when I was contacted by the author of 10 Step Plan To Promote Your Book, I thought, “Why not?” Books are something I know a heck of a lot about.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind: this “book” is only 38 pages long. It took me about 15 minutes to finish reading and easily could have just been made into a blog post.  If you’re looking for an abundance of explanation on the 10 steps in this plan, you’re going to be disappointed.  That being said, the information in this book was pretty accurate. There was some really good advice that I wish a lot of indie authors would follow. There’s also a lot of self-promotion for the author, his website, and his affiliates that probably didn’t need to be included, but was. I understand… the author is marketing, and I can’t fault him for that. It did, however, make the book read a little like an advertisement at times.

My only other complaint was the way the book was actually written. It was personable and sounded like a friend handing out advice—and that’s great! But, there was also a lot of talking in circles, repeating points already made, and re-repeating them again in such a way that made me want to skip several paragraphs. The text lost a lot of my attention after a certain point, and I wish it had been more concise and to the point than it was.

Was it helpful? Sure. If you are looking for marketing tips, there are some pretty solid ones in this book, and you should get to know them. However,  all of the tips are pretty common sense and things you could learn just about anywhere with a little Google-fu. At the time this review is being written, the book is free on Amazon, and I encourage you to give it a look-through, but would I pay more than a dollar for the info? Probably not.

Weekend Wrap-Up #10

What I Read

review-cover-sparkedreview-cover-independencereview-cover-phoenixearthreview-cover-trapped on draconicareview-cover-chimera


Wow, it’s been awhile guys. As I’m sure you aware, a couple of weeks ago (4? 5? I don’t even know anymore), my computer’s main hard drive decided to die a slow, painful death. The irritating aspect of this, of course, is that my computer is not that old. Months. luckily, the thing was under warranty, so I sent my drive in to the company I bought it from, and got a free replacement drive. This wasn’t without it’s troubles, the largest aspect of which, was the sheer amount of time it took to get the replacement sent to me.

For those who know me, you’ll know that I’m an admitted computer addict. I basically live on the internet… so not being able to not only use my computer, but also reach my files, was a painful and very specific sort of torture. Unfortunately, this also meant that I was unable to read and review books, or even do much more than check twitter and drop off the occasional message here on my blog. Luckily, it’s all fixed now, but the only thing I can say in my defense of the super long absence and lack of posts is: Blue Screens of Death are a plague the kind of which I would never wish upon my enemy.

So, because of my forced hiatus, when my computer was back up and running this week, I jumped at the chance to try and catch up on some reviews. I started with Sparked by Lily Cahill, which was only recently e-mailed to me. It was fantastic, if a little unique, and you can look forward to a full review at the beginning of October (or if you’re impatient, check out my Goodreads where it’s already up!)

I then went on to try and finish up Independence by Shelly Crane. I adored the previous three books in the series, but to be honest… I was unimpressed by the fourth. I don’t know what happened or where the author went wrong, but I was honestly bored. I very nearly didn’t finish the book.

The third book I finished up this week was Phoenix Earth, a compilation of episodic science fiction stories by various authors. The book was sent to me more than a year ago, and honestly, I just couldn’t get through it. The science was questionable, the backstory slogged, and by the third time the first author had compared the  events in the book to the Jewish Holocaust, I was over it. I wanted to like it, but I’m just too detail oriented to enjoy something that makes me question the author at every turn. I ended up DNFing it.

The fourth book I picked up was Trapped on Draconica by Dan Wright. Again, I desperately wanted to like it. The author sent it to me a few months ago, but try as I might, I couldn’t get through it. It wasn’t a bad book, but it just didn’t suit my tastes. The writing and the melodrama was a little too scripted and saturday-morning-cartoons feeling than what I’d expected out of a YA Fantasy book. I couldn’t take it seriously, and ended up DNFing it as well.

I’ve just started ready Chimera by N.J. Tanger, and so far? It’s fantastic. The world building is so detailed and vivid that I can’t help but reading further into the story. I’m only about 23% of the way in, but I can already tell that I’m going to like it (if I don’t get lost in all the science fiction technobabble).

Here’s the review dates coming up:

  • Monday, August 24 – Independence
  • Wednesday, August 26 – Phoenix Earth
  • Monday, August 31 – Trapped on Draconica
  • Wednesday, September 2 – Chimera
  • Thursday, October 1 – Sparked

What Was Posted

What I Did

To be honest, I did a whole lot of nothing while my computer was dead. I spent time with my family, took naps, cleaned my house… watched far too much Netflix. I took needless pictures of my 11 year old so I could post them on my blog in the future. Ha ha. She sleeps like a ballerina.

I did manage to get some outlining done on one of my more recent novel’s, The Night Parade—which I guess is a win.

The thing is, there wasn’t a lot I –could- do. I mange to wrangle a laptop to work from, but it didn’t have any of my files or games on it. The internet was spotty at best—in fact, we’re planning on replacing the modem this week because of how much trouble we’ve had.

That isn’t to say I haven’t been busy though. There’s been dentist visits, we bought a new SUV to replace our Civic Hybrid before it was out of warranty (those batteries are EXPENSIVE), and I even organized my bookshelves. (Look! I have space for more books!)

I even managed to get my school shopping done, which was well overdue. We’re doing homeschooling again this year (My daughter is now in 6th grade!). We started organizing our next trip to Disneyland (this upcoming October! Woot!). But really, I’m glad to be on the internet and back to my blog. I missed the routine of reading and writing reviews, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Next Week

This upcoming week is a special one. I am planning to get a lot more reading and reviews done—I am desperately trying to whittle down my TBR list and catch up on my reading quota, which is now several weeks behind… but more importantly, Tuesday, August 25th, is my BIRTHDAY. I’ll be 32, and so will my identical twin sister. Happy Birthday Jamie! (You can find her here.) I’m hoping for some new books *crosses fingers*. I’ll let you know if I get any! Here’s to next week—I hope it’s a good one!