Book Review: Metabolism Diet For Beginners

reviewcover-metabolismdietforbeginnersTitle: Metabolism Diet For Beginners

Author: Megan Johnson McCullough

Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookbook

Rating: 4 Stars



Discover an introductory guide to the metabolism diet that makes it easy to get started. Featuring a simple primer on metabolism, how it affects your weight, and what you can do to take advantage of it, this book provides everything you need to know before jumping into the two-week meal and exercise plan. You’ll also find plenty of delicious recipes and handy tips to keep you on track after the first two weeks and help you reach your weight-loss goals.


What I loved about Metabolism Diet For Beginners by Megan Johnson McCullough is that aside from the recipes, it contained a lot of helpful science-based information on how metabolism works and the common myths diet books often portray. There were also some helpful exercise plans and instructions, not just recipes.

There were a pretty decent array of recipes, but I will warn you that the meal plans and recipes may take some adjusting to get just right for you. If you aren’t used to eating super healthy, some of the ingredients may be foreign to you. I’d encourage anyone to give them a try before writing them off. The plans are a bit restrictive feeling to me – I’m not a huge fan of diets that ask you to completely remove items from your pantry – I feel moderation is more important, and the book wasn’t real clear on why certain items were restricted. Given the in-depth look at metabolism, I think the author missed an opportunity to explain why these foods aren’t a great idea.