Book Review: Witchcraft Therapy

reviewcover-witchcrafttherapyTitle: Witchcraft Therapy

Author: Mandi Em

Genre: Non-Fiction, Witchcraft

Rating: 5 Stars



Self-help is hard (and therapy is expensive!), but magic makes it easier than ever.

In Witchcraft Therapy, you will learn how to use the mystical powers of intention, mindful manifestation, divination, and righteous indignation to cope with whatever life throws your way. Author and witchy wellness guru Mandi Em offers advice in her own unique brand of positivity providing spells, rituals, and more that you can do right at home.

Complete with wisdom like “Remember that ‘f*ck off’ is a banishing spell,” Witchcraft Therapy will have you feeling more empowered and liberated than ever.


Whether you are a practicing witch or someone who thinks the craft is all very woo-woo, I think you could benefit by giving this book a read. I really appreciated the no-bull, practical approach the author took to writing this book. It was full of recipes, rituals, and mindful exercises to help the reader with grounding themselves and dealing with things like stress and anxiety while reminding them that sometimes the best thing to do is speak to a doctor or a therapist, and take a proactive approach to their own self-care.

This is certainly a book I’d recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being as well as those new to witchcraft, as it has a very practical and balanced approach that I feel most readers will enjoy.