Book Review: Freshly Stitched

review-cover-freshly stitchedTitle: Freshly Stitched

Author: Celeste Johnston

Genre: Non-Fiction, Craft Project, Embroidery

Rating: 5 Stars



Everything you need to join in the modern stitching revival! Learn 12 beautiful stitching projects from Celeste Johnston of Lemon Made Shop, whose hand-stitched houseplants, flowers, and animals, as well as uplifting words, have won her a worldwide following. First you’ll learn the essentials, like what fabrics work best, how to transfer your patterns, and using the correct posture to avoid strain as you stitch. Next move on to 12 modern projects to make, organized so that you start simply and build skills as you move through the book. These lovely stitched adventures include Botanical Trio, French Knot Flowers, Desert Night, Cuppa Wildflowers, and more. This book is perfect for creative people who are drawn to the well-publicized calming and creative benefits of stitching. And if you’re already a sewing or needleart enthusiast looking for a new medium to craft in, this approachable book is what you need for a thoroughly enjoyable embroidery experience.


I found Freshly Stitched by Celeste Johnston to be an adorably wonderful little craft project book. The book was filled with an assortment of simple, small, plant embroidery patterns, and included instructions (with pictures!) of each of the necessary stitches used. There were some helpful beginner tips on not only the process of embroidering a pattern, but the fabrics to choose, embroidery floss, various tools, and how to preserve your work – whether it’s going up on a wall, or being worn on a piece of clothing. The photos were extremely helpful and beautiful, and the instructions for each of the patterns were super simple and easy to follow.

If you’re looking to getting into embroidery and need somewhere to start, I think this book would be a good place to start.