Book Review: Woman in the Wild

review-cover-woman in the wildTitle: Woman in the Wild

Author: Susan Joy Paul

Genre: Non-Fiction, Guide

Rating: 5 Stars



Few experiences rival a grand outdoor adventure. Hiking into the wilderness, camping under the stars, and exploring the backcountry offer new challenges that awaken a woman’s spirit and test her soul.

Woman in the Wild: The Every Woman’s Guide to Hiking, Camping, and Backcountry Travel is the perfect companion for any woman looking to get into the backcountry lifestyle or level up her current active outdoor life.

Adventurer and guidebook author Susan Joy Paul provides real instruction for women of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to intermediate hikers and experienced mountaineers. She shares details gleaned from two decades of training and real-world experience, bringing together everything a woman needs to know to be safe, independent, and self-reliant at camp and on the trail. Five sections and twenty-five chapters cover hiking, camping, and backcountry travel from the basics to advanced skills.

  • Backcountry Essentials: Learn what to wear, how to pack, and where to find hiking partners for your outdoor adventures

  • You in the Wilderness: What every woman needs to know about nutrition, first aid, and personal care to stay healthy on the trail

  • Pushing Off: Backcountry knowledge and skills around land navigation, terrain, and weather take your travels to the next level

  • Reaching New Heights: Beyond the basics, understand how training, setting goals, and engaging strategies for success add a new and exciting dimension to your outdoor life

  • Next Steps: Leave the flatlanders and fair-weather hikers behind with an introduction to high altitude mountaineering, winter camping, glacier travel, and more

The backcountry beckons, and women want to go. With Woman in the Wild, they can!


I found Woman in the Wild by Susan Joy Paul to be a fantastic resource for those interesting in getting into trail hiking. Not only did I find the writing to be motivating, but the book is broken down into sections of incredibly useful and thorough information – from how to choose and fit a backpack, to personal care while out on the trail. I was impressed by the amount of detailed information and thought that went into the book, and I believe it would be a very useful guide for any beginner interesting in spending more time in the great outdoors. I couldn’t recommend this enough!