Book Review: The Ash House

reviewcover-the ash houseTitle: The Ash House

Author: Angharad Walker

Genre: Middle-Grade, Mystery, Horror

Rating: 4 Stars



When Eleven-year-old Sol arrives at the Ash House, desperate for a cure for his complex pain syndrome, he finds a community of strange children long abandoned by their mysterious Headmaster.

The children at the Ash House want the new boy to love their home as much as they do. They give him a name like theirs. They show him the dorms and tell him about the wonderful oasis that the Headmaster has created for them. But the new boy already has a name. Doesn’t he? At least he did before he walked through those gates…

This was supposed to be a healing refuge for children like him. Something between a school and a summer camp. With kids like him. With pain like his. But no one is allowed to get sick at the Ash House. NO ONE.

And then The Doctor arrives…

Strange things are about to happen at the mysterious Ash House. And the longer Sol spends on the mysterious grounds, the more he begins to forget who he is, the more the other children begin to distrust him, and the worse his pain becomes. But can he hold onto reality long enough to find an escape? And better yet, can he convince the others?


The Ash House by Angharad Walker was a chilling tale of friendship, memory, and terror. The atmosphere of the story was unsettling and eerie in a way that is hard to explain. I’m still not sure I even have a complete grasp of what was going on at Ash House.

The book was extremely well written. The narrative was clear and flowed well, and I only found a few small typos. I loved the characters and the heavy mysteriousness of Ash House and its residents. My only real caution is that even though this is a middle-grade book, it may be a little too dark and confusing for some younger readers.

Overall, I loved the story, and if you enjoy mysteriously spooky stories, I suggest you give this one a try.