Book Review: Crow’s Rest

reviewcover-crow's restTitle: Crow’s Rest [Faerie Crossed 1]

Author: Angelica R. Jackson

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Rating: 1 Star (DNF)



Avery Flynn arrives for a visit at her Uncle Tam’s, eager to rekindle her summertime romance with her crush-next-door, Daniel.

But Daniel’s not the sweet, neurotic guy she remembers, and she wonders if this is her Daniel at all. Or if someone—some thing—has taken his place.

Her quest to find the real Daniel, and get him back, plunges Avery into a world of Fae and changelings, where creatures swap bodies like humans change their socks, and magic lives much closer to home than she ever imagined.


I’ll be straight with you, I threw this book across the room (figuratively) somewhere amidst the third chapter. I’m not entirely sure what the author intended, but the narrative style of Crow’s Rest by Angelica R. Jackson was trying too hard to be quirky and charming. The main character, whose name I’ve already forgotten, is a tangled mess of poor writing. She’s ADD and Bipolar, and okay, sure, that can happen – but it has zero relevancy to the plot outside of an attempt at making her… what? Relatable? A special snowflake?

What catapulted everything off for me though, was the author’s need to word-vomit the most inappropriate asides and verbal tangents I’ve ever seen in a Young Adult book. I can’t even begin to repeat some of what was written for fear my review would get flagged.

This book is a mess, and honestly, you could do better.