Book Review: Dead Silver

reviewcover-dead silverTitle: Dead Silver

Author: Max Florschutz

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery

Rating: 5 Stars



Chupacabra hunting. Murder. Vacations aren’t supposed to turn out like this.

When Hawke Decroux gets an invitation from an old friend to come to New Mexico and help track down some chupacabras, it seems like a simple enough request. Hang out with a friend, enjoy some sun, help a few locals out, and maybe, just maybe, catch a live chupacabra and net a sweet fifty thousand dollar reward as the cherry on top of the deal.

But as Hawke arrives, he finds that his friend has turned up missing. The animal attacks are growing more violent and frequent, far more dangerous than any chupacabra attack seen before. Something strange is going on in Silver Dreams, and if Hawke can’t figure out what it is, the entire town might find itself facing a situation far worse than a few missing farm animals … a horror straight from their darkest nightmares.


Dead Silver by Max Florschutz is a real gem of a contemporary fantasy/mystery story. The book boasts a colorful mix of detective story, adventure, horror, and magic. The narrative is well written and edited, with a clear narrative voice that flows effortlessly. The characters are wonderfully characterized and really drive the story on. I found the book engaging and was drawn into the story. It was easy to connect with the main character, Hawke, with his slow, contemplative way of approaching the events in the story.

I think that anyone who enjoys mystery stories or those of the supernatural will probably find this to be a fun, compelling read.

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