Book Review: The Natural Apothecary

reviewcover-the natural apothecaryTitle: The Natural Apothecary

Author: Blake Myers, ND

Genre: Non-Fiction, Health

Rating: 5 Stars



The up-to-date guide to natural healing remedies for your body and mind.

Traditional wisdom and science can be partners in natural healing. Invite them both on your health journey with The Natural Apothecary, a compendium of holistic treatments for common physical and mental ailments. Whether for chronic conditions or short-term issues, you’ll learn to address root causes, rather than treating individual symptoms. By taking charge of your overall wellness and nourishing your body, you can help facilitate natural healing from the inside.

Begin by learning a brief history of natural medicines and exploring the pillars of good health: mindset, lifestyle, and diet. Discover how to evaluate your health and pinpoint potential causes of illness. Create a personal natural healing action plan, and delve into specific treatments for common health concerns.


I found it hard to review The Natural Apothecary by Blake Myers. I am not a medical professional and I cannot tell you if the information contained within this book is helpful, accurate, or harmful. I can tell you that the book seems to be thorough, well-written, and as far as I, with my limited knowledge can tell, well-researched. I like that the book addresses both physical and mental health. It also gives clear warnings that certified doctors should be consulted for medical advice in addition to the information within.

Personally, I have always been the type of person to trust doctors and modern medical practices, so from my perspective, I try to take more holistic medicine with a healthy dose of skepticism as to its usefulness. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work – only that I think it should be used cautiously and not seen as a replacement for conventional medicine, but as a tool to be used alongside of it.

All of that said, there is a lot of information in this book and if you are interested in natural medicine, I think you’ll find this to be a comprehensive source of information. I found a lot of good, general advice within, and hopefully, you will too.