Book Review: The Solitary Wicca Guide

reviewcover - the solitary wicca guideTitle: The Solitary Wicca Guide

Author: Rowan Morgana

Genre: Non-Fiction, Wicca

Rating: 5 Stars



Wicca centers around harmony, balance, wholeness, and a reverence for all living things. The Solitary Wicca Guide gives you the freedom to choose how you practice and where your magick takes you. You’ll find spells to help you grow more enlightened every day and focus on bettering each moment through your magickal work.

Build your Solitary Wicca practice with an overview of Wiccan deities, guidance on drawing out organic power, and ways to embrace the elements no matter where you live. Learn to set up an altar with essentials before exploring more than 100 spells to improve your magickal life and the lives of those around you, as well as celebrating the seasons and lunar cycles. You’ll even find appealing celebratory recipes, like Cupid’s Carrot Cake, and personalized charms and potions perfect for gifting.

The Solitary Wicca Guide includes:

  • Magickal roots―Explore the belief system and benefits of Solitary Wicca with an overview of Wicca’s history, its spiritual connection to the natural world, and how to honor nature whether you’re in the country, town, or city.

  • At the altar―From cleansing to consecration, you’ll find enlightening illustrations to help set up your altar for solo work, including herbs you’ll be working with and common Wicca ceremonial tools.

  • Wicca for one―Empower yourself with 100+ spells, rituals, recipes, and magickal preparations, including Self-Healing Spell, Yule Sabbat Ritual, Chocolate Mousse Happiness Spell, and a Rosebud Love Salve.

Deepen your faith daily with Solitary Wicca as you cast your own path for a better life.


As someone who is outside the practice of Wicca, I found The Solitary Wicca Guide by Rowan Morgana a compelling read. I’ve done quite a bit of studying into modern Wicca and witchcraft practices this year, as well as delving into trying to understand the history behind witchcraft and Wicca, and I’ve enjoyed delving into different practitioner’s views on the practice.

Though not religious or spiritual myself in any real way, I find the thoughtfulness and calmness of how the solitary Wicca practice within this guide is presented, both reassuring and welcoming. It’s lovely to learn about a spiritual practice such as this that is so inclusive and moldable to each person’s experiences, rather than the usual strict views and practices of other religions.

The book was filled with an array of rituals, spellwork, daily practices, as well as more specific holiday practices. There’s a lot of practical information for the practitioner on how to work each ritual, the meaning behind it, the tools needed, and how to customize it to their own preferences. I think that if you are new to Wicca this would be a fantastic reference to have in your library to guide your way.