Book Review: The Beginner’s Guide To Raising Goats

reviewcover-the beginner's guide to raising goatsTitle: The Beginner’s Guide To Raising Goats

Author: Amber Bradshaw

Genre: Non-Fiction, Animal Husbandry

Rating: 5 Stars



From Angoras to Nigerian Dwarfs, this beginner’s guide to raising goats will break down the dos and don’ts to starting your herd. Learn how to pick the right kind of goat for your homestead’s needs, build fences and shelters, feed and breed them, and more. There’s even a recipe section in the back that shows you how to use their fresh meat and milk to make tasty home-cooked meals like Goat Chili and Goat Mac N’ Cheese.


I’ll admit, I know very little about goats in general, but I’ve been interested for a while in learning more about their care and benefits in a homestead setting. I can confidently say after having read The Beginner’s Guide To Raising Goats by Amber Bradshaw, that if you too are new to goats and would like to learn more about keeping them, this is an excellent place to start.

There is so much useful information held within these pages – from different breeds, general health, how to identify illnesses, vet visits, routine care, training, building plans, to recipes! This book is an incredible reference to keep on hand for any new goat owner, or as research for those looking to get into goats for whatever reason. I would definitely recommend it.