Book Review: Soil Science for Gardeners

PrintTitle: Soil Science for Gardeners: Working with Nature to Build Soil Health

Author: Robert Pavlis

Genre: Non-Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars



Healthy soil means thriving plants. Yet untangling the soil food web and optimizing your soil health is beyond most gardeners, many of whom lack an in-depth knowledge of the soil ecosystem.

Soil Science for Gardeners is an accessible, science-based guide to understanding soil fertility and, in particular, the rhizosphere – the thin layer of liquid and soil surrounding plant roots, so vital to plant health.

Robert Pavlis, a gardener for over four decades, debunks common soil myths, explores the rhizosphere, and provides a personalized soil fertility improvement program in this three-part popular science guidebook. Coverage includes:

Soil biology and chemistry and how plants and soil interact
Common soil health problems, including analyzing soil’s fertility and plant nutrients
The creation of a personalized plan for improving your soil fertility, including setting priorities and goals in a cost-effective, realistic time frame.

Creating the optimal conditions for nature to do the heavy lifting of building soil fertility
Written for the home gardener, market gardener, and micro-farmer, Soil Science for Gardeners is packed with information to help you grow thriving plants.


Soil Science For Gardeners by Robert Pavlis is a fantastic book for gardeners, either beginners or those more experienced. It is a comprehensive guide to the science behind healthy soil and gets into the nitty-gritty of what is going on, even on the microscopic level. I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of knowledge and good advice presented, and would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to look further into the subject. The book was well written and easy to understand.