Book Review: The Soul Thief

cover-the soul thiefTitle: The Soul Thief [The Horizon Chronicles 1]

Author: Kim Richardson

Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult

Rating: 5 Stars



Alexa has a very big problem. She’s dead.

Worse, instead of meeting her maker, she’s pulled into the world of the Guardian Angel Legion—a secret band of angels dedicated to protect mortal souls from demons.

But Alexa’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn when she’s sent back to the mortal world to investigate a series of murders and missing souls and is attacked by a demon. But are demons responsible for the killings? Or is it something else?

To make matters even worse, an ancient, evil shadow grows over the world, and with it a force more terrible and destructive than the world has ever seen. Can Alexa find a way to stop it or will it doom the mortal world forever?


I loved The Soul Thief by Kim Richardson – though I’ll admit, I nearly dropped it down a star. Overall, the story was great. I liked the plot, the characters, the new spin that was put on the lore… the writing was well done and well-paced.

The only real qualm I had was that the romance between Erik and Alexa seemed forced. There were too much past tension and angel v.s. sensitives dynamics going on for Erik’s sudden change of heart to make sense.

That aside, I still loved the book and its captivating story. If you enjoy YA Paranormal, this is one I’d easily recommend.