Book Review: Fated For The Bear

cover-fated for the bearTitle: Fated For The Bear [Banford and Beauty Bears 1]

Author: Mina Carter

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Rating: 4 Stars



Girl meets boy = classic love story. Girl meets bear… Wait, what?

Kacie has always known there was something odd about the small town of Beauty, but she doesn’t expect that oddity to almost claim her life or land her in the arms of her long-term crush; hot veteran Dean. Okay, he’s nuts but she can’t argue with that, not with a body like his or when he’s whispering things like ‘fated’ and ‘destiny’. Even if he does claim to be a werebear…

She’s his mate, but she’s human. He’s so screwed…

Leader of the Beauty bear clan, Dean is between a rock and a hard place. His fated mate is human but he daren’t claim her. The elitist asshats in the clan would have kittens. But when an attack brings her over into the bear world, he’s out of time and out of options. Even worse, the town has an rogue bear problem and internal clan politics that put Kacie in the crossfire.
Forced to fight battles on all fronts, Dean must bear up or risk losing her forever…


Although I admit I have some misgivings about certain aspects of Fated For The Bear by Mina Carter, I went ahead and rated it four stars.

Overall, the book was excellent. The lore, the characters, the little bit of plot and romance there was, the writing itself and narrative voice – all were well done. But at the same time, some of these were also the problem.

The book was short and because of this, rushed in some ways. There was a lack of tension in the romance and how the main female lead handled being thrust into this new world of the paranormal. She easily handled everything thrown at her without any real doubt or confusion, she just accepted it – which was great for the male lead, but really boring for the reader.

As for the plot – I’m not really sure if there was one.

Rogue bears were after the girl, but there were no real reasons given as to why. The book lacked the substance that would have easily made it a 5 star read. The only reason this even made 4 stars was that the writing was well done, despite the shortcomings. If you are looking for a light, easy romance, this may be for you, but I don’t think it would draw me into subsequent books in the series.