Book Review: Elfhame

cover-elfhameTitle: Elfhame [Darkwood Chronicles 1]

Author: Anthea Sharp

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Rating: 4 Stars



Mara Geary faces a bleak future in the village of Little Hazel until, on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, strange glowing lights beckon her into the mysterious shadows under the trees. She follows, hoping for adventure. What she finds is her destiny…

Prince of the Hawthorne Court, Brannon Luthinor has spent his life becoming a powerful warrior in order to save his people. Now, on the eve of war, his fate is rapidly approaching.

Brought together by fate, Bran and Mara forge an unlikely alliance. But in the face of evil, will they be able to trust their lives – and their hearts – to one another?

From USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp, a richly-imagined fantasy romance uniting an adventurous young woman and a fearsome Dark Elf warrior, in a magical tale reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. No explicit content.


I have some mixed feelings about Elfhame by Anthea Sharp. The book was exceedingly well written when it came to the narrative. There was a poetry to the descriptions that made the book a joy to read. I enjoyed the characters, the world-building, and the plot in general.

All was not puppies and rainbows, however. The book became incredibly rushed once Mara crossed into Elfhame, and because of this, the plot, characterizations, and romance suffered. What could have been a spectacular story ended up petering out as the book came to its conclusion. Don’t get me wrong – I still loved the book – but the pace definitely did it a disservice. Though few, there were also some noticeable editing errors, mostly misspelled character names here and there.

I wish the author had taken the time to really fill out the story and give the book the polish it deserved, but I’m still glad I read it. If you like fantasy, this is one I’d recommend as a bit of a shorter read.