Book Review: Work in Progress

cover-review-work in progressTitle: Work In Progress [Cook Brothers 1]

Author: B.J. Harvey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 3 Stars (2.5)



Jamie Cook is a work-in-progress. He’s always wanted what his parents have: a good marriage, lots of kids, and financial security. He thought he’d have the first two with his ex-girlfriend while the third would come once he got his house-flipping business off the ground. When his ex doesn’t subscribe to his five-year plan, he makes Cook Brothers Construction his sole focus.

Then he moves next door to April Williams, a sassy single mom he can’t stop riling up. Throw in her matchmaking mother-in-law, who’s set her sights on Jamie being April’s knight in a leather tool belt, and a house threatening Jamie’s sanity, and it should be a recipe for disaster, but Jamie wants this three-month project to last forever. That’s if he can stop being the neighbor from hell and prove to April he’s not just flipping a house—he wants to flip her heart.


Honestly, Work In Progress by B.J. Harvey barely got a pass from me. I read it, I didn’t hate it, so I gave it 3-stars… but it was very close to being 2-stars.

The plot wasn’t bad, I even liked the characters, but there was no tension. The romance was too easy to be genuine and it came across as contrived. By half-way in, I was pushing myself to finish for the sake of being done with it. There was never any doubt that this would end as a HEA, and it was a straight shot from Point A to Point B.

I just wish there had been more to it, something that made the pay off feel earned, instead of handed over. If you like HEA romances without contention, you may like this book – but in my opinion, there are better options out there.