Book Review: Sworn

review-cover-swornTitle: Sworn [The Vampire Legends 1]

Author: Emma Knight

Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult

Rating: 1 Star



When her dad is transferred, Rachel Wood is uprooted from her home in Pennsylvania and forced to enter a new high school, in 10th grade, in an affluent suburb in Westchester, New York. She finds herself in way over her head, as she struggles to come to grips with meeting new friends, finding a boyfriend, avoiding the cliques of mean girls, and figuring out how to survive in such a hostile new world. She has trouble navigating this new world, where drinking and drugs seem the norm, and where social pressures build on her from every direction.

Everything seems to go wrong for Rachel, until salvation comes in the form of Rob, a football player who takes a liking to her. But just as there romance is about to blossom, she finds herself confused by his actions.

As things reach a low point, Rachel meets a mysterious boy from her school, Benji, a loner who keeps apart from the other kids, and who takes her on a ride on his motorcycle. They have an unforgettable night together in an amusement park—until something goes horribly wrong, and Benji shocks her by saving her life.

Rachel knows that Benji is different from everyone else, and she knows that he is the love of her life. And as their romance deepens, she has to decide if she is willing to give up everything to find out his secret…


I tried to get through Sworn by Emma Knight but instead ended up DNFing the book at just 8% in. Look, the start wasn’t bad on-premise, and I’m sure, had I gone on to read more, the plot would have been mediocre, but okay. It had that vibe. The problem is that the writing was awful. I ran across misspellings, bad grammar, bad punctuation, and improper tense all in the first chapter.

The narrative style was full of mundane tasks, redundant thoughts, and an abundance of ‘telling’. Frankly, the writing was rudimentary at best, and it made it hard to continue. What little I saw of the characters made them seem cliché, and lacking depth. I was skimming before the first chapter ended.

For other readers who have a day job that doesn’t involve being a copyeditor – you might get past this, particularly if you are a teen. I could not, however. Good luck.