Book Review: Beginnings

review-cover-beginningsTitle: Beginnings [The Trifectus Series 1]

Author: Logan Byrne

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Rating: 1 Star



What if a single touch could change your fate forever? What if moving to a new school meant your entire world would be turned upside down?

Juliet LaVoe is a normal 17-year-old girl with a not-so-normal life. She lives in a world where vampires, werewolves, and androidians roam the streets as the tyrannical government attempts to capture and exterminate them. Her father, Colonel Arnold LaVoe, is the head of the division tasked with the job of eliminating them. She also lives with a big secret: her boyfriend James is a vampire.

As the government starts to come closer, Juliet tries to hide her boyfriend’s true identity from her father. What will happen as she is caught in an odd love triangle with Marcus, an androidian boy that seeks the challenge to destroy the very fabric of her relationship with James?


I only got nine pages into Beginnings by Logan Byrne before I DNF’d it. The narrative was superficial at best. There was little to no description or atmosphere to the writing. The pace was incredibly rushed. The main character’s voice and actions were juvenile and shallow – frankly, the whole thing read like a terrible Twilight knock-off.

No thank you.

I read a lot – 100+ books a year. Probably half of those are young adult fiction. In the past handful of years I’ve been reviewing books, I’ve run into blessedly few books that were written as poorly as this one. Move along. I’m doing you a favor. Do not waste your money on this book. Trust me when I tell you that it is not worth any price.