Book Review: The Road To Long Beach and The Witch’s House

review-cover-the road to long beach and the witch's houseTitle: The Road To Long Beach and The Witch’s House ]Anne and Colleen 1]

Author: Anne Norchi Iglesias

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Mystery

Rating: 1 Star



Anne Santoro is finishing up her junior year in high school, in her new home town in Upstate New York. She is reminded of a tale she was told as a child of the witch’s house. The house was on the road she and her family took to get to the beach.

She and her best friend Colleen McFadden decide to visit Smithtown, NY, where Anne grew up, to see if the witch’s house is still there. Anne has kept parts of her life on Long Island to herself and faces painful moments when she returns. How will her best friend react?

As a child, Anne anticipated seeing this house with every trip to the beach. Is it still there? The quest becomes more than just finding the house. It becomes a search to find a young Native American Indian girl who disappeared over 100 years ago. Finding clues to solve this century’s old mystery is tough enough, but when deciphering a ghost’s way of communicating, tough takes on a whole new meaning.

What will Anne and Colleen discover? Follow them on their hunt to find the Witch’s House and see if they uncover the answers they’re looking for.

The Road to Long Beach and the Witch’s House is a story of mystery and suspense. The adventure brings to light the weight of being bullied and how passing judgment on others can last through centuries of time.


I hate DNFing books, but sometimes you must. I could not get into this book, almost from page one. The narrative was incredibly choppy and punctuated. There was no flow to it. I don’t know if it was simply over-edited, or outright written to be so halting, but it made the narrative hard to enjoy.

There were other, smaller issues with the writing; improper tense, sloppy narrative style, but it was the punctuation that killed me. As a copy editor, I find it difficult to get past technical errors and style issues – that will not be the case for everyone, and if you are one of those people who can overlook such issues, I sincerely hope you enjoyed the book – truly- I’m just not one of those people.