Book Review: Grave Intentions

review-cover-grave intentionsTitle: Grave Intentions [Grave 1]

Author: Lori Sjoberg

Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Rating: 4 Stars


Note: At the time of this review, the book is free on Kindle, check it out!


Be careful what you reap. You might fall in love with her…

One act of mercy before dying was all it took to turn soldier David Anderson into a reaper—an immortal who guides souls-of-untimely-death into the afterlife. But the closer he gets to atoning for his mortal sin and finally escaping merciless Fate, the more he feels his own humanity slipping away for good. Until he encounters Sarah Griffith. This skeptical scientist can’t be influenced by his powers—even though she has an unsuspected talent for sensing the dead. Her honesty and irreverent sense of humor reignite his reason for living—and a passion he can’t afford to feel. Now Fate has summoned David to make a devastating last harvest. He’ll break every hellishly-strict netherworld rule to save Sarah…and gamble on a choice even an immortal can’t win.


I thoroughly enjoyed Grave Intentions by Lori Sjoberg. The book was well-written; the characters were distinct, the narrative was clear and flowed easily, and the romance between David and Sarah was both sweet and steamy.

My only possible complaint is that certain aspects of the plot felt unfinished. ore time could have been spent on the boss subplot as well as Pearl’s demise, and relative to everything else going on, it felt like Sarah’s “gift” was skimmed over.

All that said, I liked the book and its characters. I found it an enjoyable read. If you like paranormal romance, give this book a try!