Book Review: Unfair Catch

review-cover-unfair catchTitle: Unfair Catch

Author: Kelsie Stelting

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 3 Stars



After losing her dream job in Austin, Savannah Dondi has to do the unthinkable—move back to her small hometown. Living minutes from her parents and working in her aunt’s beauty parlor isn’t exactly the glamorous life she had planned.

When she sees Hudson McAllister at the local rodeo, he’s even better than she remembered. Tall, lean, and clinging to a bucking horse. She only wishes she’d held onto him so tightly.

Her misguided feelings for Rhett Lane had ruined it in high school, and if she doesn’t stop herself from falling back in love with Rhett, he’ll come between her and Hudson this time too. Avoiding him in a small town will be hard, though. Especially since their best friends are in love.

When Savannah’s forced to realize she’s not the only one who’s changed, she has to make a decision that could leave her feeling like an even bigger failure than she did before.


It’s hard to write a review for Unfair Catch by Kelsie Stelting because I am firmly on the fence about it. The writing was decent – though I did run into a few typos. The book moved at a good pace, and the characters were distinct. The romance between Savannah and Rhett was sweet.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows. Savannah made a lot of poor choices, and to her detriment, they were obvious poor choices. As a reader, it was hard to feel for her because the choices she made were stupid. Hudson treated her terribly, yet the author asked us to sympathize with Savannah’s wishy-washy nature where he was involved. It made it hard to relate to her, or even like her at times.

Another issue I had with the story was how much time was wasted in the timeline without moving the plot or creating tension. A good portion of the book everyone was happy and living life as normal – which is great in real life, but kind of boring in the context of a book. I felt like more should have happened.

Overall, the book was okay. I’m glad I read it, but it’s not something I’d go out of my way to recommend.