Book Review: The Chosen

review-cover-the chosenTitle: The Chosen [The Descendants 1]

Author: Aurora Grace

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Rating: 1 Star



When Elizabeth Summers jams on the brakes to avoid knocking into a man standing in the middle of the road, she is thrown into a world of angels, demons, and gods. A world where a shadow organization, the Elect, will stop at nothing to get her.

There’s no one she can turn to but Ian Knight. He has saved her once, and he promises to protect her.
But Ian is part of the Elect, one of their very best.

Will he give up all he has ever known and all that he’s been taught for Elizabeth? And with enemies in two separate realms, will Elizabeth and Ian ever be safe?


Try though I might, I could not get into The Chosen by Aurora Grace. Part of the problem was that the book started practically mid-action in a war between two groups of paranormal beings. A lot was going on in a very short period before the reader had a good grip on the setting or main character.

Another part of the problem, and what ultimately lead to my 1-star rating, is that the writing just wasn’t polished. The sentence structures were overly complex and clunky. There were a lot of moments where the author “told” the reader what was happening rather than just letting it play out. The descriptions lacked a sense of poetry and flow, and the way the characters were described made it obvious that the author was injecting her vision instead of using the character’s viewpoints to flavor the text.

The writing wasn’t awful – to be honest, I’ve seen worse – but it needed an editor to polish it up. There will be people out there that will be able to get past the writing and truly enjoy the story… I’m just not one of them.