Book Review: The Alpha’s Mate

review-cover-the alpha's mateTitle: The Alpha’s Mate [Wicked Moonrise 1]

Author: T.R. Raven

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Rating: 4 Stars

Not currently available on Amazon


She was supposed to die. Chosen by the village Council as the yearly sacrifice to the Lycans, Fate intended for her to perish by the fangs of the beasts during the full moon.

When a handsome stranger intervenes, Katya finds herself unwillingly thrust into the midst of a clash between the Lycan packs. Loyalties and alliances shall be both forged and broken, truths tested, and intentions revealed as she struggles to find her place in it all. The safety of the human race hangs in the balance, but can one lowly village girl truly help to change the fate of not one race, but two?


The Alpha’s Mate by T.R. Raven was a delightful foray into paranormal fiction. Geared more towards historical fantasy than the average werewolf inspired novel, I found it a fresh change in such an over-saturated genre. The romance between Alek and Katya was sweet, and for the most part, I enjoyed all of the characters.

Though the book moved a little too quickly in some aspects, it wasn’t enough to ruin my enjoyment of it entirely. I do wish the romance and Katya’s induction into the Lycan life had been a little more drawn out, but I can sort of understand why it wasn’t. Obviously, this is just one book in a much longer series, and it is nowhere near finished as a whole.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. It was interesting, well written, and a nice summer read. If you enjoy paranormal fantasy fiction, YA Romance, or werewolves in general, you’ll probably really enjoy this book.

Note: For whatever reason, this book seems to have been removed from Amazon, so sadly, I cannot offer a link for it’s purchase. I’ll keep an eye out in case it gets re-published!