Book Review: Fire and Foreplay

review-cover-fire and foreplayTitle: Fire and Foreplay [Hope Falls 14]

Author: Melanie Shawn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 3 Stars



One look…

That was all it took for Gabe Maguire to realize something was missing in his life. After beating cancer and returning to the cage to claim victory in the octagon, Gabe was ready to settle into his life in Hope Falls as a firefighter. The sexy MMA champion was grateful to be alive but still felt like he was just going through the motions until he laid eyes on her.

One promise…

That was what Adriana Hale was determined to keep. As a young, single mother raising her twin girls and her late cousin’s son, Adriana was willing to sacrifice anything for her kids, including her heart.

One night…

That was what brought them together, but could it also be what would tear them apart. After realizing a connection that will change everything, will Adriana and Gabe find the happiness and love they both deserve or will fate have other plans for them?


If you love sappy, HEA romances where everything magically goes right, you are going to love Fire and Foreplay by Melanie Shawn. I almost hate to knock the book, because, well, it was adorably sweet and perfect. Too perfect.

We are talking irresistible love-at-first-sight, characters without any real flaws, cute kids, wild attractions… and absolutely no plot twists, surprises, or tension. Everything went perfectly. Hell, the last three chapters were basically a three-part HEA epilogue.

Was it a bad book? No – but it wasn’t really good either. There were times when the narrative slogged on longer than necessary and I began to skim. The characters often repeated themselves, and certain phrases were echoed by other characters. It was, dare I say it, amateurish – like the author was trying too hard to remind us of how amazing everything and everyone was. It got old, and yes, I did begin to skim more and more as it went on.

Overall, the book was just okay. I read it, I was happy for the characters… it just lacked the draw of a superbly written book. I wanted there to be more to it, writing-wise, than there was. In the end, it was a bit too sweet for me to stomach.